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Picture of a Boston Terrier

10 Reasons Why Dogs Make Better Pets Than Cats

Let’s face it; cat owners just don’t understand. For centuries, it has been an age old feud. When it comes to the perfect pet, who reigns supreme? Man’s best friend: the dog or everyone’s fave furry feline: the cat? While some families take on the best of both worlds by owning one of each, some

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Picture of a woman and her dog outside

The Differences Between a Pet Lover and a Pet Parent

With statistics revealing that 68% of today’s American households own at least one pet, it is easy to see that people enjoy having a furry friend for companionship. Estimates report that 85 million U.S. families share their homes with a dog or a cat. The pet owning public has changed dramatically in recent years with

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Picture of a funny Dachshund

Dog Jokes – Cute Jokes About Man’s Best Friend

People love to laugh, and they love their dogs. If you can assimilate the two together, you’ve got a winning combination, for sure. There is no question that our dogs keep us entertained. They are the subject of many entertaining stories we repeat with much pleasure to the delight of our friends and families. But

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Picture of a chihuahuas wearing glasses

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo with Your Dog

If you’re like most dog owners, you’re always on the look out for an opportunity to party with your pooch. Whether it’s chowing down on a Thanksgiving meal, building snowmen out in the snow, or exchanging valentines on Cupid’s annual holiday of love, it’s always fun to include your dog in the celebrations too. But

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Picture of a woman and her spotted dog

Dressing Like Your Dog | What are Your Thoughts

To dress up your dog or not to dress up your dog—that is the question! With so many adorable options on the market today, “cuting” up your pooch in your favorite fashions is a tempting idea. Whether your idea of fun is a matching pedicure in a pretty hue, similar neck jewellery, or even identical

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Picture of a boy and a bulldog

Dear Teacher, My Dog Ate My Homework

Kids and homework…they don’t always go together smoothly. If your kid is like most, he’ll do anything to get out of doing any type of work after the school day is done. But come 9 am, your child’s teacher will be waiting at her desk, hand held out expectantly in anticipation of last night’s properly

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Picture of french bulldog

What Does Your Dog Breed Say About You?

With thousands of dog breeds in our world today and designer dogs, hybrids, and “SPCA specials” in between, there is a dog type and personality to suit the exacting desires of each person. When selecting a dog to spend the next ten years or more of your life with, a lot of factors come into

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Picture of woman talking to a dog

Are You Guilty of Talking Baby Talk to your Dog?

Have you ever been enjoying a perfectly “normal” conversation with your dog only to look up and discover you have an audience? Has snickering and stifled laughter caused you turn your head to find your family looking at you in perplexed wonder? More than once you’ve been asked if you fell and hit your head…or

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Picture of Bernese Mountain Dog outdoors

Do You Take Too Many Pictures of Your Dog

Sharing photos of dogs on Social Media, these days, is almost a competitive sport.  While we all appreciate a well-placed, cute, dog snap, how do you know if you are simply oversharing? The first step is to observe your dog’s behavior. Does Rover roll his eyes every time you get your phone out? Are you

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Picture of woman holding a dog

You Can’t Buy Anything Like the Love of a Dog

Nearly everybody has heard the phrase “money can’t buy happiness” at least once in their life and for the most cases it is true. Having good people around you and living a life that makes you happy as an individual is much better than focusing on the materialistic things. Diamonds and jewellery won’t make every

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Picture of Chow Chow and a woman in the park

I Am Not a Crazy Dog Lady!

I was watching the hurricane forecast coverage on CNN several days ago, and they featured a lady from the coast of North Carolina who was not obeying the evacuation orders because of her seven rescued dogs. My sister, who is definitely not a dog person, thought she was crazy not to evacuate. I understood immediately

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