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Our dogs love to eat human food as often as we’ll let them. While hearty proteins like steak, chicken, and even fish are no surprise to us, we would never

There have been a number of dogs whose names have become famous such as Lassie, Toto and Beethoven, and who could forget Marley from the film that made everyone cry

With thousands of dog breeds in our world today and designer dogs, hybrids, and “SPCA specials” in between, there is a dog type and personality to suit the exacting desires

Dew claws have recently found themselves at the center of some controversy. Dogs are born with a set of dew claws on the inside portion of their front legs, and


It is uncommon and quite alarming for a cat to experience diarrhea, especially since if you are a cat parent, you might have noticed that the physiological stool of this

A cat’s whiskers are one of his most distinguishing characteristics. A stand out feature on every feline face, they definitely add to the “cool cat” appeal. Since many anatomical features

Your cat’s kidneys are in charge with doing many important things from making hormones to managing your pet’s blood pressure and even stimulating the bone marrow to create more red

Does your kitty have the habit of snacking on grass? Should that bother you or make you worried that something else is happening and that your feline companion doesn’t just
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