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What Does It Mean to Be an Obligate Carnivore?

Your cat, like all cats, is an obligate carnivore, or true carnivore. What exactly does that mean? In this article, we will examine what carnivores are, what obligate carnivores, why cats are obligate carnivores, and what all of this means for your cat’s health, well-being, and diet. What is a Carnivore? There are three types

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Popular Hairless Dogs

Though dogs are considered to be man’s best friend, one thing sometimes stands in the way of a close relationship between this pair: dog hair.

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Liver Cancer in Dogs

The liver is an essential organ for all animals, whether dogs or cats. Unfortunately, liver disease can be very challenging to treat as it is

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Can Dogs Have Ginger?

Ginger has been used for centuries for medicinal purposes. It’s also a favorite baking ingredient in cookies and cakes. But can dogs have ginger? Is

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Can Rabbits Eat


Kale has a wide range of benefits, and it’s rich in many nutrients, but can rabbits eat kale? Find out the answer to this question & more in this article!
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Can Cats and Dogs Mate?

Can cats and dogs mate? This might seem like an odd question, and possibly one that’s floated around in your brain but a query that

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Is Acrylic Paint Toxic to Cats?

Painting with acrylic is very popular these days, especially as people are looking for new hobbies and ways to pass their spare time while at

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Making a Move with Pets

If you’ve ever moved before, you know how difficult the process can be. Your life is in limbo for several weeks with half of your

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