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Traveling with Pets

How many times have you seen someone driving along with a dog in their lap? Cute, right? Well, maybe, but certainly not safe. At least three states specifically ban pets from riding in a driver’s lap while driving and in

In this day and age when people are concerned about their diet, health, and fitness, it’s only natural that dog lovers would also want to make sure their dogs are staying fit, too. Enter fitness trackers for your dog. Depending

In the dog days of summer, everyone feels the heat! When the temperatures are a-rising, planning a trip to the beach seems like an excellent idea, and of course, the whole family wants Fido to come along! While many beaches

How many times have you been driving down the road when you see a dog riding in the back of a truck? Maybe he has people sitting with him, but maybe not. He sways from side to side trying to