Cinnamon is a much beloved spice with many practical uses. From a cinnamon stick used to flavor a delicious cup of cider to cinnamon buns and even use in savory dishes, cinnamon earns high marks for its mysterious, sweet scent. Best of all, cinnamon tastes as good as it smells. When combined with other spices and sweeteners, it is a potent combination that is almost impossible to resist! Just ask anyone facing a piece of cinnamon toast. They’ll lap it up and head back to the toaster for more. Even breakfast cereals get in on the act with such combinations as

Our dogs love to eat human food as often as we’ll let them. While hearty proteins like steak, chicken, and even fish are no surprise to us, we would never think that fruits and vegetables would earn a position on Fido’s list of favorite things to eat. Yet dogs do love fruit, and many fruits provide tremendous health benefits for our dogs when fed in moderation and in combination with a balanced, nutritious diet. Still, there are some fruits and vegetables which are toxic to dogs that must be avoided entirely. This fact can leave dog owners nervous about which fruits

As a conscientious dog owner, you want to feed your dog the very best. You’ve spent an inordinate amount of time studying the latest information regarding canine nutrition and made numerous trips to the pet store to read the labels of every high quality bag of kibble you can find. You’ve considered the benefits of raw and cooked diets. Truly, you have left no stone unturned. In the end, you were able to settle on a diet that suited your dog perfectly. He enjoys eating it and is thriving. Still every dog likes to have a little something different now and
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If you are the proud owner of a home with a fully fenced in yard, you might think that your dog has access to all of the exercise he needs. But you’d be wrong. While dogs do love to have

Fido likes to go everywhere with you, and you hate to disappoint. At the first sight of you heading for your coat, he’s right by your side, hoping to hear the familiar jangle of keys that tell him a car

If you’re a dog owner, you never leave home without your trusty poop bags. In the good old days, your dog just did his business in the great outdoors whenever natured called while you turned a blind eye. Once Fido

“Roadtrip!!!!!!” Who doesn’t get excited when they hear these words? Every family loves to go on vacation, and travelling by car can be a lot of fun. Since Fido is a firmly situated as an important part of your family,