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Ding ding ding ding ding! This is the sound of the alarm bells that should go off your in head when a client says something along the lines of…“It’s so

We love to share so many of our favorite foods with our dogs. We’re always wondering if it’s safe for a dog to eat things. One food that it’s definitely

So, the big day is almost here.  The months of planning and decision-making are coming to a close, and the “perfect” event is literally hours away.  Recheck your list.  Have

For many families, life just doesn’t seem like living if they don’t have a dog. Unfortunately, city dwellers and the rising cost of housing in metropolitan areas means a lot


If you own a cat, you understand the frustrations of shredded furniture. While you understand that scratching things is a positive experience for your cat, you’d really rather your furniture

We all dream at night, and sometimes, if we are really fortunate, we even remember what we dreamt about when we wake up the next morning. It has been said

Most cat owners have had the following experience during some time in their lives shared with a cat: You are petting your cat, maybe she’s even purring, when out of

We all know that cats are mysterious creatures. If you look online, there are a multitude of questions about why cats do various things. In many cases, owners are honestly
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