Dog Puns – as Cheesy as They May Be, They Make Us Laugh

Picture of a dog wearing a pin wig

As cheesy as they may sometimes be, there is no question that dog puns bring a smile to our faces. Yet dog puns come in more than one form. Sometimes they are silly sayings and other times a simple play on words. Either way, they brighten our days.

Here is a list of some of the most popular dog puns today:

  • Today has been ruff.
  • I like big mutts, and I cannot lie.
  • The Dalmatian hid from everything because he didn’t want to be spotted.
  • What did the dog catcher sing to the stray? “You ain’t nothing but a pound dog!”
  • He’s not fat; he’s just a little husky.
  • My dog is so popular that the pup-arazzi took his photo.
  • The Dachshund had to sit in the shade because he was a hot dog.
  • Where do dogs go after their tails fall off? The re-tail store.
  • I wanted to see dogs at the zoo, but they didn’t have any. It was a Shih Tzu.
  • That dog looks so sad. He must be a Melon Collie.
  • What does a dog like to eat for breakfast? Woofles.
  • What do dogs eat at the movies? Pupcorn.
  • The poor dog couldn’t find the rabbit. It was a bad hare day.
  • Trying to train my dog was a Mastiff waste of time.
  • The dog was so scary, we called him the Big Bad Woof.
  • We should make a small Dalmatian to a canine charity.
  • The dog names were recorded for pawsterity.
  • We needed a rufferee to keep the players in check.
  • Happy Howl-a-ween!
  • Happy Howlidays!
  • Pavlov? He rings a bell.
  • Have you heard about the new dog movie at the theatre? It’s called Jurassic Bark.
  • He knew it was the dog calling because he had collar I.D.
  • What’s your dog’s favorite Pink Floyd album? Bark Side of the Moon.
  • My dog is very artistic. He loves to Labradoodle in his notebook.
  • What do you call a dog that is a magician? A Labracadabrador.
  • What kind of dog does Dracula have? A bloodhound.

Picture of a bloodhound

  • I hope the Year of the Dog won’t be a ruff year.
  • The puppy never stands for himself. He just rolls over.
  • What’s more amazing than a talking dog? A spelling bee.
  • My dog can retrieve a ball thrown from over a mile away. That sounds far-fetched.
  • Are dogs good at science? Well, labs are.
  • What did the dog say when he was shocked? Fur’real!
  • What do you get if you cross a gold dog with a telephone? A golden receiver.
  • What do you call a frozen dog? A popsicle.
  • What did the dog study at college? Bark-eology.
  • What did Darth Vader name his son? Luke Skybarker.
  • What do you call a dog with a surround system? A sub-woofer.
  • What did the hungry Dalmatian say? That hit the spot.
  • Why did the dog cross the road? To get to the barking lot.
  • What do you call a dog that raps? Notorious D.O.G.
  • Why did the dog crash? He forgot to put the car in bark.
  • Where can I buy an intelligent pup? From the Border of Colliefornia.
  • You should always be careful if it rains cats and dogs. You don’t want to step in a poodle.
  • It’s amazing that dogs can bark all night long without any paws in between.
  • Make sure to always use collie flour when baking delicious biscuit treats for your dog.
  • I have to be extremely careful so as not to drop my ribs during my July 4th Last time, my dogs gobbled up the Bark-B-Q.
  • My German Shepherd loves the holidays and always dances to Christmas music. His favorite song starts with, “Dachshund through the snow…”
  • My dog has seen me play soccer for so many years that he probably understands enough to be the rufferee.
  • The Puggle is real.
  • Always keep your dog indoors during cold winter nights to prevent any pupsicles from forming.
  • If your dog won’t stop begging you to take him out for a walk, it can become a dog-matic situation.
  • The dog hotel with expensive toys, luxurious treats, and spacious kennels was too pawsh for my taste.
  • It is unbelievable that a cat won the dog show. That was an absolute cat-astrophe!
  • Did someone order a pug-kin spice latte?
  • Did you know that feeding grapes to your dog can kill them? I’m all about raisin awareness on this subject.
  • Crazy dog ladies with too many dogs experience a medical condition known as “Rover-dose.”
  • What do you call a dog that is ready for spring break? Pug boat.
  • What is a dog’s favorite homework to do? A lab report.
  • What did the dog say to his doctor? Be careful with the thermometer. Last time, it was a bit ruff.
  • Don’t stop retrievin’; hold onto that feline.
  • I need to see a dentist. One of my canines is a little loose.
  • Did you hear about the dog that gave birth on the side of the road? She was ticketed for littering.
  • What breed of dog tells off-color jokes? A smutt.
  • Which dog chases anything that is red? A bull dog.
  • When you’ve got a dog on your side, anything is PAW-SIBLE

Picture of a dog on a bed

Names of famous characters from books, TV, or the movies are often excellent targets for puns. Here are a few of the most popular dog pun names today:

Picture of a dog dressed as Sherlock Holmes

  1. Jabba the Mutt
  2. Hairy Pawter
  3. Chewbarka
  4. Art Vader
  5. Sherlock Bones
  6. Mary Puppins
  7. Andy Warhowl
  8. Bark Obama
  9. K. Growling
  10. Anderson Pooper
  11. Brad Sit
  12. Weeny Cooper
  13. Bark Twain
  14. L. Drool J

Many dog-related businesses like to include a little humor in their company names. Here is a list of puns for dog-themed businesses:

  1. Indiana Bones—Temple of Groom
  2. A Diamond in the Ruff
  3. Bon-A-Pet Treat
  4. Fi-Dough Pet Bakery and Boutique



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