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Thyroid Cancer in Dogs

Thyroid Cancer in Dogs

The thyroid is one of the most important endocrine glands that animals and humans are equipped with. This gland is in charge of producing the

top 10 dog medication

Top 10 Dog Medications

Vets can prescribe a variety of medications to your canine friend depending on the exact health issue they are suffering from. In today’s article, we

canine herpesvirus

Herpesvirus in Dogs

Canine Herpesvirus is a pathogen that produces thousands of deaths in puppies every year across the globe. Unfortunately, it has a mortality of 100%, which

Gabapentin for dogs

Gabapentin for Dogs

Even though it is not the best-known medication out there, Gabapentin can be quite useful for dogs, especially in some situations. In fact, it has

Mastitis in Dogs

Mastitis in Dogs

Although its name doesn’t necessarily suggest an infection, as mastitis can typically be defined as the inflammation of the mammary gland, there are two main

Bladder cancer in dogs

Bladder Cancer in Dogs

Even though its incidence in dogs is somewhat rare, bladder cancer can show up in our canine friends. About 1% to 2% of all cancer

marijuana toxicity in dogs

Marijuana Toxicity in Dogs

Cannabis plants have been used for years either for their recreational effects or for their pain-easing benefits. While medicinal use has been approved in many

Is Tap Water for Dogs

Is Tap Water Safe for Dogs

Providing your dog with access to clean drinking water is vital to their health. Since water is readily available to us with the turn of

Can Dogs Eat Dandelions

Can Dogs Eat Dandelions

The cheerful, yellow dandelion peeks its happy face above the surface of everyone’s lawns when spring makes its way towards summer. Pretty to behold, the

hyperkeratosis in dogs

Hyperkeratosis in Dogs

Also known as ‘hairy feet’, hyperkeratosis can be a pretty serious problem in our canine friends. First of all, it’s painful, which is why you

Can Dogs Eat Lentils

Can Dogs Eat Lentils

Lentils have become a contentious subject for dogs in the last several years. As a source of protein and fiber, they can provide benefits for

hypothermia in dogs

Hypothermia in Dogs

Hypothermia in dogs can be a potentially life-threatening condition. It can be defined as an extreme lowering of the animal’s temperature, and it is more