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barium poisoning in dogs

Barium Poisoning in Dogs

Barium sulfate is a substance that’s commonly utilized in contrast radiology in both animals and people. There are other options available these days, especially since

pyoderma in dogs

Pyoderma in Dogs

Also known as impetigo in young dogs, pyoderma can effectively be defined as a bacterial skin condition. However, as its name suggests to veterinarians, it

hypokalemia in dogs

Hypokalemia in Dogs

Potassium is one of the most important minerals that can be found in dogs’ bodies and in humans’ bodies. It is in charge of regulating

Picture of a borzi

Epulis in Dogs

Epulis is one of the most common types of oral cancer that affects our canine friends. In most cases, it is benign, but because these

High Cholesterol in Dogs

High Cholesterol in Dogs

We often associate high cholesterol in either animals or people with a diet that’s too rich in fats. We also tend to associate high cholesterol

Picture of a Izban hound

Perineal Hernia in Dogs

Even though a perineal hernia is not the most common health issue that can affect a dog, it does tend to appear in senior animals,

Hypoglycemia in dogs

Hypoglycemia in Dogs

Although hypoglycemia in dogs can be a very serious medical issue, sometimes even a life-threatening one, if your dog is generally healthy and is not

dog on its back

Can a Dog’s Paw Pads Grow Back

A dog’s paw pads somewhat resemble the shoes that any person would wear outdoors on a regular basis. For this reason, your dog’s paws need

dog outside on the ground

Can Dogs Get Hay Fever

Dogs can suffer from hay fever just as much as people can. It is important to know some of the symptoms of this condition, so

colorful crayons

My Dog Ate Crayons

Some dogs will eat almost anything. If yours is one of them, you have probably been on the phone to your vet more than once,

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Are Dogs Living Longer

One of the hardest things about dog ownership is the day when you must say goodbye to your best canine pal. No matter how long

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Urate Bladder Stones in Dogs

Urate crystals are more likely to affect certain dog breeds than they are others. More often than not, at the root of this health issue