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To dress up your dog or not to dress up your dog—that is the question! With so many adorable options on the market today, “cuting” up your pooch in your favorite fashions is a tempting idea. Whether your idea of fun is a matching pedicure in a pretty hue, similar neck jewellery, or even identical hairstyles, you will find that dressing like your dog can be a lot of fun. No doubt you and your pooch have a similar sense of style, and you will find that the sky is the limit when it comes to customizing your “look,” so you each bear a resemblance to the other. Do you dress like Fifi or dress Fifi up to look like you? The possibilities are endless, and you’re bound to have a ball!

Couture for Canines

If you’ve decided it’s time for you and your best canine pal to look like a matched set, the first step is deciding just how best to approach your new look. Though it is possible to purchase clothing items that mark you and your fave pooch as the next Bobbsey twins, you don’t have to be limited by clothes when it comes to making a fashion statement.

Here are some of the options you have for dressing like your dog:

  • Color Coordination Crazy

Think dressing your pooch up is the bomb? Why not stop by your local pet retailer and check out the latest designs? Score a hot pink denim jacket or sweater for your fave pooch gal. Pop into a thrift store to see if you can find one in a matching hue!

Picked up the most adorable flannel shirt for the “cowdog” in your life? Head out to Walmart in search of some fetching plaid apparel all your own.

Assemble several matching outfits, so that every time you and your pup hit the town you’ll have something special to wear.

  • Pooch Pattern Passion

Think matching colors are so passe? Pick out a print for you and your pooch to sport with pride. If you’re handy with a sewing machine, you could even stop by your local fabric store and pick up a meter or two to whip up some smart patterned fashions to set you and your best canine pal apart from the crowd.

Like to match but don’t want to look identical? Consider two contrasting fabrics with a similar color scheme. Stripes and polka dots look particularly fetching! Or for the more bold…why not throw some good old-fashioned 1980’s paisley into the mix? Everyone will agree that you and your pup “Look, MAHVELOUS, dah-ling!”

  • “She’s Got THE Look!”

If you fancy yourself a fashionista, you and your main canine squeeze will be the talk of the town if you coordinate your sense of style. Whether you both don a princess pink tutu, a Scottish kilt, or a sassy beret, you will form the picture of perfect style.

For the sophisticated pup and owner combo, why not choose some classic Audrey Hepburn style pearls and peruse the offerings in the shop windows at Tiffany’s?

  • Hottie Head Gear

Though you could go in search of hockey helmets to fit canine and human heads, there are much better options when it comes to fashions to adorn the noggins of people and their pooches. Your local pet store will carry all kinds of things from bowler hats to newsboy caps, and even jaunty, colorful wigs. A simple shopping trip will help you to find the perfect accessory to set off you and your pooch’s good looks.

  • Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

While we’re certainly not suggesting you run out to Cartier to get your dog a bauble or two to display with pride, accessories certainly can make or break a matching ensemble! You could play this one of two ways; pick up a leather necklace that resembles Fido’s collar or find a bedazzling specimen more reminiscent of your own taste.

Of course, you could also pick up a chain a la Mr. T circa 1980’s A-Team that you and your pooch can sport around town with pride. While you’re at it, you’ll want to practice your best, “I pity the fool…” as you’ll have to do the talking for both you and your best canine pal.

  • Hairy ‘Dos for Peeps and Pooches

Perhaps you don’t want your dog to look more like you at all. Perhaps you want to look more like your dog! Got a Ridgeback and want a “ridge” all your own? Pop by a salon specializing in avant garde styles and get yourself a Mohawk, so you too can sport your very own ridge!

Love the look of an Afghan Hound? You can grow your locks until they are silky and flowing, but to perfect the look, don’t forget to part your hair straight down the middle!

Does the idea of having Dalmatian spots sound like fun? Grab a black Sharpie marker and create your own!

Think the Poodle cut is just divine? Grab a can of powerful hairspray and a comb and you can tease your hair into a Fonzie-style pompadour!

Can’t limit yourself to just one color? Why not go all Willy Wonka Johnny Depp style and add some rainbow striping through you and your pooch’s hair? This special unicorn-esque look won’t fail to delight anyone you meet on your travels!

  • Fetching Footwear

While you’ll hardly be able to find a pair of Manolo Blahniks in canine sizes, there are lots of footwear options you and your dog can sport to show that the two of you are stepping out on the town together. Dog booties that are typically designed for rainy days are available in all sorts of fun colors. You could opt for a matching pair of Crocs or upscale it with some flats or running shoes to complete the look.

  • Sunglasses at Night

Though Corey Hart prefers to wear his sunglasses at night, you and your dog can sport them any time at all. Sunglasses can be purchased for both people and pooches to wear. Fido’s will come with a strap that safely secures them to his head. However, for best results, keep Fido’s glasses on only to make a statement as they could obscure his vision and cause him to stumble or fall.

Yes, dressing like your dog can be lots of fun! Consider picking up some matching ensembles or accessories today. You’ll have a barking great time!



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