Camping with Pets

There is no reason to leave your dog or cat at home when you go camping. Check out these topics that cover everything from bee bites to heat stroke and more 

Picture of a rattlesnake

Snake Bites and Dogs

Lethal snake bites are more or less common in our canine friends, especially compared to other species. Some dog breeds are tiny, which means that the venum quantity can become

Picture of a field of foxtails

The Dangers of Foxtail and your Dog

Foxtails can be quite dangerous for dogs, especially if they are left unchecked. But every pet parent wants to take their canine companion out for a walk or play, and

Picture of a dog and marshmallows

Can Dogs Eat Marshmallows?

Sweet, yummy marshmallows are hard for many people to resist. We like them in desserts, with kids’ treats, on sweet potatoes, in hot chocolate, and roasting them around a campfire.

Picture of a boy and dog at the lake

Camping with Dogs

Tis the season to go camping! Summer is upon us, and many families find themselves with vacation time to spend. Whether it’s loading up an RV or packing a tent,