10 Reasons Why Dogs Make Better Pets Than Cats

Picture of a Boston Terrier

Let’s face it; cat owners just don’t understand. For centuries, it has been an age old feud. When it comes to the perfect pet, who reigns supreme? Man’s best friend: the dog or everyone’s fave furry feline: the cat? While some families take on the best of both worlds by owning one of each, some are solidly set on being a one pet species only home. If you find yourself falling solidly in the category of dog lover, you might want to gather some ammunition to defend your choice when you run up against a staunch cat person who insists you’ve made the wrong decision.

Here is our list of the top ten reasons why dogs make better pets than cats.

Dogs Actually like You

There is no doubt that while cats will tolerate the presence of their family members, they often see them as a means to an end. After all, it is the tall two-legged beings in their lives that offer such delicacies as pungent snacks and silvervine or catnip-laced toys to occupy their time throughout the day. Cats learn very quickly that it is to their benefit to at least pretend to enjoy the company of those with whom they share their abode. However, if you’re hoping for a fervent greeting from your furry feline when you arrive home from work each night, you’ll need to look elsewhere because Fluffy isn’t likely to notice that you’ve gone anywhere let alone that you’ve returned.

By comparison, Fido takes great delight in being wherever his family happens to be. Whether it’s lazing on the couch watching a movie, racing around the backyard in a rousing game of fetch, or going for a car ride on a warm afternoon, Fido wants to be center stage with those he loves the most.

While your cat will put up with you, your dog actually worships you. You won’t suffer from self esteem issues with a dog in your home. They will remind you each and every day just how special they think you are.

Dogs Aim to Please

The truth is Fluffy really doesn’t care if you live or die so long as you clean her litter box frequently and cough up some treats and toys to keep her feeling happy and full. Fluffy isn’t interested in learning new skills that help her to become a better feline member of society or that simply bring you joy at seeing your cat doing something adorable. Your cat exists to please herself, and if you fall in line with that agenda, that’s great for her, but if not, you can bet she won’t be losing any sleep over it.

By comparison, Fido, your cherished canine friend, lives to please you. Though some dog breeds are more obedient than others when it comes to learning new tricks, most will eagerly greet you at the door when you arrive home each day, and all are happy to have you around. Training is a treat for many dogs as it offers an opportunity to bond with their favorite person. Trotting out newly acquired commands is one of Fido’s most cherished things to do if it earns a smile, some praise, and even a treat from the person that he loves most: YOU!

Dogs Loyally Protect Home and Hearth

Dogs have fairly earned their title of “man’s best friend” by happily protecting their families from any imminent danger. Your dog remains on high alert for the tiniest of sounds, ready to do battle with strangers if called into action.

Cats are only too happy to let dogs stand guard, so they can catch up on their beauty sleep.

Dogs Encourage You to Exercise

When it comes to the original couch potato, cats earn top marks. Cats enjoy their recreational time, taking naps in the sunshine as often as they are able. Active when they choose to be, cats aren’t up for much adventure unless it’s something they dream up on their own.

To keep a dog healthy and well, it is important that they receive daily physical exercise. Since the dog can’t walk himself, this means you get the benefit of all of those extra calories burned while out exploring the great outdoors with your best canine pal. This means improved health for both you and for Fido.

Studies Show Dog Owners Laugh More

Though cats can certainly do some things that make you smile or even laugh out loud, these aren’t typically done with your enjoyment in mind. You simply enjoy the benefits. In a recent study that observed a wide cross section of 95 different families that owned dogs, cats, or no pets at all, scientists discovered that dog owners most frequently enjoyed a home filled with laughter while cat owners laughed the least…coming in behind families with no pets at all.

Why so serious, cat people?

Dogs Are Not a One Size Fits All Animal

One advantage to having a cat is that they are well suited to most living situations. Since they take care of their own exercise needs, no fenced in yard or daily walking is required, meaning a cat is a great addition for families that live in smaller contained spaces like an apartment.

However, if you live in an apartment and would still like to share your home with a dog, not a problem! Dogs come in all shapes and sizes with something sure to perfectly suit your own unique needs and lifestyle. Whether you prefer life with a gentle giant like the Saint Bernard or a gentlemanly lap dog like the Boston Terrier, you’ll find you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to selecting your next best canine pal.

Dogs like Having Jobs

Make no mistake; cats have jobs. They take making themselves happy veryx seriously and devote their entire day to their own unique desires.

By comparison, many dog breeds were designed to fulfill useful purposes in life. From herding livestock to guarding their master’s homes to pulling sleds full of needed supplies, dogs have been doing important jobs for many, many years.

But today’s dogs sometimes find themselves in entirely new roles: that of hero. Because dogs possess tremendously potent senses of smell, they excel in many different positions including scent detection to help unearth harmful or illegal substances as well as in early detection of life threatening diseases like cancer in people.

Early Research Shows a Possible Link Between Dogs and Allergy and Asthma Prevention

Though some families do suffer from allergies to pet dander, early research shows that people that are exposed to dogs early in life often have a lowered risk of contracting such nuisance health conditions as asthma and allergies as they age. Scientists believe that this may occur when children are exposed to different stimuli found in what is known as “dog dust” that affects future immune responses to common allergens.

Dogs Prefer the Great Outdoors

Let’s face it; though cats are exceptionally clean animals; in one respect, they do stink up your house: through their litter boxes. Even when kept meticulously clean, cats leave behind an odor in their litter box that permeates the air in a home.

Though dogs can have accidents on occasion; particularly when puppies or as they age, dogs are easily trained to potty outdoors, meaning the mess and the smell stay out of your house.

With a Dog in Your Home, You Will Never Be Alone

While cats like to do as they please; with a dog in your home, you have constant companionship. Wherever you wander, your dog will happily tag along. Most owners love this aspect of dog ownership even if they would prefer a little privacy when in the bathroom.

Are you undecided as to whether you should share your home with a dog or a cat? Whether you choose a furry feline or a courageous canine as your new family member, you really can’t go wrong!



7 Responses

  1. I really disagree with your comments about dogs being better than cats.

    1. Cats do like you and some ( and I have had them Love you ) they just don’t flaunt it.
    3. Cats have saved their people from fires by alerting someone and just a year or so ago a cat attacked and chased away a dog that what harming a child.. A friend of mine had a cat who attacked a person trying to gain access to their home though a window. The thief ran away.
    5. Cats and their antics cause many peole to laugh. Just watch them play and you can not laugh.
    8. All animal contact when a person is young helps people to resist allergies and gard against asthma. That is why kids raised in the country with animals are more resistant than city kids.
    9. If a cat is allowed outside ( which I disagree with), they much prefer it to being inside. Take a look at well taken care of barn cats.

    10. How can anyone ever feel along with a cat in their home. They come running to greet you when you come home and they are there to cuddle up with you on the couch or bed and they do not have that offensive doggy smell.

    1. Can’t you cat people type your hate for dogs (which are better than cats) in 10 reasons why cats are better articles instead of here where dog people want to hear good things about dogs not toxic reasons of hate.

    2. The practice of not allowing a cat outside seems cruel to this first time kitten mommy. Quality of life is as important as quantity of life. But we humans are selfish and care about ourselves first, just like a cat does…

  2. I have never had a long conversation with a cat like I have regularly with my Maltese poo , it could be about the movie we just watched together or about the yummy meal we just shared. So there is no comparison between doggies and putty cats.

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