Cat Health

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Why Is My Cat Eating Dirt?

Cats can try a variety of foods and even non-food-related items every now and then, but when they start eating dirt on a regular basis,

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What Is a Normal Cat Temperature

Your cat’s body temperature can be a fairly good indicator of disease. High temperature can indicate fever and, therefore, an infection, whereas low body temperature

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Mercury Poisoning in Cats

Severe mercury poisoning cases in either cats or dogs have decreased in the past years mostly because people have started to use electric thermometers instead

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Fungal Infections in Cats

Like many other species, fungal infections in cats can affect their general health, or that can be limited to specific areas on their skin. In

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Feline Enteric Coronavirus

Feline Enteric Coronavirus (FECV) tends to affect kittens more than it does adults, where it produces a relatively mild intestinal infection. There is the possibility

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Chlamydia Infections in Cats

Chlamydia infections are more common in cats than you might think, but the same rule applies to humans and any other mammals, for that matter.

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Gingivostomatitis in Cats

Feline gingivostomatitis is a quite complicated and painful disease that can occur for a number of various reasons. Of course, viral diseases can be at

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Periodontal Disease in Cats

Like any other pets, cats can suffer from a variety of dental conditions, including periodontal disease. Of course, some of the most common ones are

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Nasal Cancer in Cats

Nasal tumors are comparatively less common in cats than they are in dogs, but they still make up approximately 1% of all cancers that cats

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Peritoneal Cancer in Cats

Although peritoneal neoplasms are somewhat uncommon in cats compared to those that affect other organs, they can still happen on occasion. More often than not,

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Chest Cancer in Cats

Even though tumors of the lungs and other parts of the respiratory system are relatively uncommon in cats as they are in dogs, they can

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Intestinal Cancer in Cats

Even though it might not be as common as other types of cancer in cats, intestinal neoplasms are dangerous as they are quite frequently malignant.