Cat Health

blindness in cats

Blindness in Cats

Vision problems exist in cats just like in any other animal species, including humans. Sometimes, cats can lose their sight

Normal Heart Rate for Cats

Normal Heart Rate for Cats

How fast or slow should a cat’s heart beat? The heart rate is an important vital for all animals, specifically

Deafness in Cats

Deafness in Cats

Cats are known for their incredible sense of hearing, but like any other animal out there, they can lose it

Hereditary Diseases in Cats

Hereditary Diseases in Cats

Some cats are more likely to suffer from inherited conditions than others, which is also why veterinarians and pet owners

wobbly cat syndrome

Wobbly Cat Syndrome

For a long time, cerebellar hypoplasia used to be a misunderstood condition in many species. It is a condition that

tremors in cats

Tremors in Cats

Tremors in cats are considered a clinical sign and not a disease itself. They almost never happen on their own

Flowers Toxic to Cats

10 Flowers Toxic to Cats

Cats are very sensitive to environmental factors and a variety of items and foods that can be found in people’s

Rat Poisoning in Cats

Rat Poisoning in Cats

Cats are much more sensitive compared to dogs, especially when it comes to sickness. But their sense of smell typically

drooling in cats

Drooling in Cats

If you’ve noticed your cat experiencing hypersalivation every now and then, it’s probably not something to be worried about. But

Depression in cats

Depression in Cats

Cats can suffer from depression just as much as dogs can. Pet lovers might think that these aloof little creatures