Pets & Flooring

Dogs & Cats are cute and cuddly but the realtiy is they can be hard on floors. Their nails, hair are hard on carpets and hardwood… and we won’t even start in the little ‘accidents’ that happen!

If you own pets, you need a good floor!

Darn those Paws

Pets aren’t perfect… and like us they make mistakes that can damage or stain furniture. It is for this reason we can create how to videos on fixing problems created by our pets… or even by us!

I Shouldn’t of Ate That!

If you ever watched a dog eat, it is obvious that they are not exactly picky eaters… and what when it might just come right back out… from either end.

It Wasn’t Me!!!!

The big yellow puddle on the floor, it wasn’t me… it was the bird, I mean cat… oh, we don’t have a cat. I am sure it was your son! The realty is dog and cats do have accidents, so a floor must be able to handle it.