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barium poisoning in dogs

Barium Poisoning in Dogs

Barium sulfate is a substance that’s commonly utilized in contrast radiology in both animals and people. There are other options

pyoderma in dogs

Pyoderma in Dogs

Also known as impetigo in young dogs, pyoderma can effectively be defined as a bacterial skin condition. However, as its

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Can Dogs Eat Pierogi

Can Dogs Eat Pierogi

Pierogi (pirogge, perogies, and other spellings) are a European dumpling made by wrapping unleavened dough


Puppies are a lot of fun however they are also a lot of responsibility. To help you along the way we have created this section that covers training, discipline and everything else.

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quotes about being offended

Quotes About Being Offended

You can’t offend or hurt someone who doesn’t care. Don’t change your mind just because people are offended; change your mind if you’re wrong –

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