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colorful crayons

My Dog Ate Crayons

Some dogs will eat almost anything. If yours is one of them, you have probably been on the phone to

picture of a dog outside

Are Dogs Living Longer

One of the hardest things about dog ownership is the day when you must say goodbye to your best canine

Feeding Dogs

Picture of Taro

Can Dogs Eat Taro

Are you familiar with taro? Many people aren’t though you may see it in your


Puppies are a lot of fun however they are also a lot of responsibility. To help you along the way we have created this section that covers training, discipline and everything else.

Pet Humor

quotes about being offended

Quotes About Being Offended

You can’t offend or hurt someone who doesn’t care. Don’t change your mind just because people are offended; change your mind if you’re wrong –

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