What Does Your Dog Breed Say About You?

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With thousands of dog breeds in our world today and designer dogs, hybrids, and “SPCA specials” in between, there is a dog type and personality to suit the exacting desires of each person. When selecting a dog to spend the next ten years or more of your life with, a lot of factors come into play. Some families need a dog that is low to no-shedding due to allergy concerns while others prioritize one that gets along well with children. There are dog breeds that are well-suited to an active lifestyle, and some that prefer to watch the world go by from the comfort of the couch. Whether you are a millennial or a baby boomer, there is a dog out there that is the perfect fit for you! But the breed you ultimately choose communicates to the world qualities about you as a person; your likes, your dislikes, even your personality traits! What does your choice of dog breed say about you?

If I Were a Dog Breed, I Would Be A…
There is no doubt that the dog breed that you choose makes a statement about you. Most often, people are drawn to dogs that are like them in personality, but sometimes this even crosses over into appearance and personal preferences such as favorite activities and foods. If you own a Pug, you just might be the type that many consider the life of the party and a class clown. While the Australian Shepherd owner is driven, hardworking, and a little on the “high maintenance” spectrum when it comes to activity and mental stimulation.

Here is a list of some of the top breeds and what owning one of these pooches might say about you:

German Shepherd
If you are the proud owner of a German Shepherd, it is highly likely that you are a very reliable person. Your friends describe you as a leader; a go-getter with the confidence and vision to get things done. A natural guardian of your family, you are loyal almost to a fault and would die to protect the ones you love. Fiercely intelligent, you thrive when given a task that allows you to use your brain and your body collaboratively. A person most at ease when given a job to do, sitting idly is not in your plans. Like this faithful working dog, you don’t trust strangers readily but warm up when given sufficient time to bond with new people.

Jack Russell Terrier
If the Jack Russell Terrier is your breed of choice, chances are you fall somewhere on the crazy spectrum! A high energy person, you like to be on the go. A large personality trapped inside a small body, you are boisterous, friendly, and extremely vocal. Generally a happy person, you are most content when making a mess and can be prone to mischief. You are loving, affectionate, and cuddly but can also be territorial of your people and your property. You won’t start a fight, but you’ll finish one, and people know not to mess with you. Your family and friends would not include “tolerant” in a list of adjectives describing you, and you most definitely are not known as “kid-friendly.”

Doberman Pinscher
A sensitive soul lodged inside an intimidating exterior, you are both elegant to look at and fearsome to behold. Though your appearance gives the illusion of unapproachability; underneath it all lies a soft and tender heart. You are a true people person and thrive when surrounded by the ones you love. Though you adore being the center of attention, you form deep attachments to your favorite person and crave their company most. Your activity requirements are relatively high, preferring regular exercise to help keep you fit. You are exceptionally strong and love to display affection towards those you love.

Playful, exuberant, and lots of fun, these are all traits that describe you well! Known for your keen intelligence, you love to learn new things and are easily able to commit them to memory. You respond well to praise and love to work with other people, making you the ideal team player. You have some high maintenance grooming requirements, but you’re willing to shell out the big bucks for someone to keep you looking “stylin.” Extremely sociable, you love people and dogs of all shapes and sizes, and kids are your absolute favorite! Sometimes manners are not your forte, but your innocence and general enthusiasm for life makes you easy to forgive…and to love.

Border Collie
You are most at ease when your family is gathered around you in one central location. Extremely high energy, you love to work and being outdoors tops your list of the best places to be. A true Velcro person, no one in your house will get a minute of “alone time” if you can help it. You are easy to please and excel at mastering new skills. Singular of focus and with incredible drive, you have often been accused of having tunnel vision. If not productively engaged, you can be hyperactive and annoying. You are also prone to obsessions which can turn into destructive behaviors if you don’t find a suitable outlet for your energy. You are known for being high maintenance, and at times, exceptionally bossy, but you are affectionate and loving, making your indiscretions easily forgotten.

Loyal, cute, and a little bit on the dumb side, you are a person who likes to follow wherever your nose takes you, and it usually leads to food. A lover of anything that goes in your mouth, you are drawn to places where the chances for a snack are quite high. Though you do love the approval of others, you are not really motivated to do anything that wasn’t your idea in the first place, and you won’t be coaxed into doing it either. You are very sweet-natured, and it is impossible to be mad at you even though you are prone to getting yourself into trouble. At times, you will follow your nose away from home, but you always come back.

Very low energy and in possession of your own particular-type of swagger, you draw a lot of attention in your neighborhood. Your Fabio-esque looks leave all the ladies a-swooning, and you are forever asked where it is you get your hair done! Having descended from royalty, you know you’re kind of a “big deal,” and you have no problem being rather vocal about it all. Known for rebuffing strangers, you are intensely loyal to your family and love to be pampered. Independent and wilful, you are a person with ideas of your own, and it is difficult to change your course once you’ve started out upon it. Family and friends describe you as stubborn, and you are quite proud of this aspect of your nature.

Golden Retriever
A true gentleman, you get along well with everyone. As a lover of children, you are patient, gentle, and tolerant of even the most bratty behavior. Well-renowned for your playful nature, you sometimes forget how big you actually are, making you somewhat accident prone. You are very smart, and your manners are so top notch that even the Queen would be delighted to share a meal with you. A social butterfly, you thrive when out on adventures with the favorite people in your life, and you have truly never, ever met a stranger because you greet everyone you encounter as though they were a long lost friend. Your lovable personality and penchant for exuberant affection makes you everyone’s favorite person!

French Bulldog
Your comical ways and clown-like appearance make you a natural born charmer. Though your heavy breathing sometimes gives people the creeps, there is nothing sinister about you at all; in fact, quite the opposite. You grow attached to people very quickly and don’t like to be left alone. Not a huge fan of learning new things, it sometimes takes a few attempts before you are willing to be cooperative, and more still, until you reluctantly engage in the learning process. Unfortunately, you are exceptionally gassy…perhaps a dietary change is in order? Not necessarily the most attractive, you are often described as “so ugly you are cute,” a handle you’re not sure you appreciate that much. You are exceedingly popular, and everyone wants to take you home!

Rhodesian Ridgeback
Majestic and stately of appearance, you are a looker for sure! An aloof person, you like to stick to your own people, and strangers are always something to be wary of. You possess the heart and courage of a lion, and you take on insurmountable tasks with a fearlessness that leaves other people aghast with awe. Some people call you snotty, but you just prefer to keep to yourself. Intelligent and of moderate activity, you enjoy exploring the world then crashing on the couch for a nice long nap. You enjoy the finer things in life: a cracking fire, an armchair all to yourself, and unlimited snacks to keep your stamina up for your next adventure.

Yes, our choice of pooch says a lot about us indeed. What does your choice of breed say about you?



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