The Pet Friendly House Project

Our mandate is to show that it is possible to have a home worthy of gracing the pages of the glossiest home magazines while still enjoying all of the comforts that simplify and enhance your life with pets.
We at the Pet Friendly House do not believe your house has to look frumpy simply because you share it with furry companions, and to prove it, we are going to build a home with modern conveniences to enhance your life as pet owners while still giving a nod to high technology, style, and luxury.

A Home for the WHOLE Family

To state the intent of the project in its simplest terms, we are building a home the way homes for pet lovers should be built.
woman and cat on a sofa

Artist Renderings

The Pet Friendly House will look like many others across North America from the outside, however the yard and interior will be what sets it apart as ‘pet friendly”. All rooms will contain pet amenities, art and accessories as well as functionality that will help make pet ownership more enjoyable.


Learn more about the World’s Most Pet Friendly House project and why you should be part of this fun and unique concept.

Special Events

Though the Pet Friendly House will only be opened to the media and public for 30 days after it’s completion; we will run additional events at later dates to raise awareness and funding for charities & projects we believe in!

Long Term Vision

Though Alberta will be home to the first Pet Friendly House, we won’t stop when the first build has been completed. Our long term goal is to bring our vision of the ultimate Pet Friendly House to cities around the world. But our Pet Friendly Houses will not be cookie cutter images of the original. It is our primary focus to customize each home to reflect its region perfectly. From its culture to its climate to its structure and more, each house will be as unique as the city it is built in.