The Pet Friendly House Project

In its simplest form, the Pet Friendly House is about helping people and their pets.  This project is founded on the building of a Pet Friendly House which will then be opened first to the media, then to the public, and later sold to enable us to donate all of the profits from said sale to worthy charities. But in reality, there is much more to it than just that!

One of the driving forces behind this project is the fact that I am a kidney transplant recipient. Out of a heart full of gratefulness for the gift that I received, I wanted to create a project that would bring awareness to the need for organ donors. To be most effective, I felt the project needed to be both fun and over the top to get people talking about this important cause globally.

With the help of MAN’S BEST FRIEND, this project can bring together the pet & home verticals in a way that will create a global buzz. This exposure will enable us to show how transplant recipients can march forward to do some amazing things when given a second chance at life.

Creating a House for the Whole Family

The Pet Friendly House is a home designed with the whole family in mind. Finally, there will be a home ideally suited to the needs of busy families that is large enough to accommodate Mom, Dad, the kids, the grandparents, AND the fur children alike. Our Pet Friendly Home is tough enough to stand up to the wear and tear of rough and tumble kids yet resilient enough for pets to tussle in without worry. The icing on the cake is that this home is also easy to clean, economically friendly, and designed with an eye for both immense style and comfort. The Pet Friendly House is a home that any family would be proud to call HOME!

Sound too good to be true? We are about to make it a reality!

Why Create a Pet Friendly House?

Many wonder why we would undertake the building of a Pet Friendly House. It’s a good question.

We believe the project will be a lot of fun and will help to create awareness for the charities, companies, and community that we work with. The reality is pets are a huge part of today’s family, but the homes we live in are not made with them in mind. By collaborating with companies in the home, pet, and technology verticals, we will be able to design, construct, and decorate a home that will provide the ideal environment for living in harmony with pets. We firmly believe that this type of project will inspire others, and as an end result, will help reduce the number of pets that end up abandoned in shelters.

How is this possible?

Let’s face it; a number of animals find themselves without homes every year because their families are not properly equipped to help them thrive. Some claim that they work too many hours or cannot provide the attention the dog needs. Others have to keep their dogs in crates all day due to lack of proper supervision. These well-meaning souls sometimes feel they have no alternative but to take their pets to the shelter in the hopes they will find better homes.

We have seen the need, and we have stepped up to solve the problem.

Where Will It Be Built?

The first Pet Friendly House will be created in the Calgary area.  It is a place that is deeply personal to me and that I have called home for the last 17 years. It is here that I met my wife, where we had our children, and where we adopted our dogs.  But more than that, it is where I had my kidney transplant. For me, it only makes sense that the first Pet Friendly House is built in this area. It has given so much to me and to my family, and I feel compelled to give back.

What Are Our Goals?

While it is true that we have some lofty goals, we believe that each step is not only critical to the success of the project but is also achievable with your help.

Among our goals are:

  • To raise 100K for local charities

The Pet Friendly House will divide all proceeds from the sale of the house between AARCS (Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society),The Kidney Foundation, and Behind the Smile, all worthy recipients for their incredible charitable work.

  • Have 100 transplant recipients & donors share their stories about their journey to inspire others to give the gift of life through becoming organ donors
  • Contribute to seeing 500 people commit to signing their organ donor cards
  • See our story told in 100 magazines and newspapers globally to raise awareness
  • Showcase 500 pet friendly companies

We love pets, and we love great products. Many companies have shown great support for the Pet Friendly House; promoting quality pet businesses is but one small way that we can give back.

Our long term plans include repeating this concept in the USA, Europe, and Australia. Each time we build a Pet Friendly House in a new country, we will promote responsible pet ownership as well as the critical need for organ donation. Each house in each country will be a unique reflection of that country’s culture, showcasing products and features based on that area’s tastes, styles, climate, and surroundings.

The Pet Friendly House seeks to revolutionize the way people live with their pets. At the same time, we want to bring awareness to the importance of saving lives through organ donation. These two great causes go hand in hand in this important endeavor.

Won’t you join us? We welcome inquiries from likeminded individuals seeking to make a difference in the lives of families and their pets.