Artist Renderings – Pet Friendly House

The Pet Friendly House will look like many others across North America from the outside, however the yard and interior will be what sets it apart as ‘pet friendly”. All rooms will contain pet amenities, art and accessories as well as functionality that will help make pet ownership more enjoyable.
Exterior of the World's Most Pet Friendly House
The Dogs Room
Imagine what a dogs room would look like if they had a paw in the design, picture a room with their favorite toys, clothes… a TV to watch their favorite movie characters, fresh/cold water just steps a way. A bed that was custom made just for them… and so much more
The Kitchen
It’s always easy to find your pets, just open the fridge door. We will use the kitchen of the Pet Friendly House to cook treats for our pets and run some fun promotions such as bringing in chefs to cook for the dogs. On top of that you will find custom feeding bowls, artwork and a large aquarium.
The Living Room
As we are building a “Pet Friendly” house, the look/feel/theme of the house will be that of a pet lover, it is for this reason the art, decorations will have a “pet” theme. Paintings and prints from all over the world will be displayed and then given away through contests on our site. Sofas, chairs and recliners will all be covered with performance fabrics or leather.
Pet Friendly Living Room
The Bedroom
As the dog will have is own room and amenities, the master bedroom will be kept simple; that said we have added a few extras. There will be a custom dog bed at the foot of the bed, a bench for the dog or cat to look out the window and various pet related prints on the wall.
Pet Friendly Bedroom
Family Room
The lower level family room (basement) will contain a place to relax, play games, enjoy the tranquility of an of a 275 gallon aquarium and watch some TV.
Pet Friendly Basement
Owen's Room
Owens room reflects his love of skateboarding, gaming and his Geko Zeus.
Room for a boy that has pets
August's Room
Our daughter August came out as non-binary in 2020, their room reflects this choice, their love of nature and of course pets. August has a Bearded Dragon named Delta, a Crested Gecko called Toe and a blue and red Siamese Fighter.
Pet friendly room for girls
The Mudroom
There isn’t a dog or cat owner out there that hasn’t experienced the the joys of finding muddy footprints across their floors or on their furniture… not to mention the times you furry friend rolled in something that was nasty. To help ensure your pets are clean before they run around the house, we will add a shower in the mudroom to keep your pets clean.
TV Room
The TV Room

This room is all about relaxing after a long days work, a place where the family can sit, watch a show or two and unwind.

Picture of the Mudroom of the Pet Friendly House
The Garage
Within the garage we enable pet lovers to be part of the Pet Friendly House for a small contribution. For $20 pet lovers can add a 5″ x 7″ picture of their dog, cat, bird or fish with all funds going to charity.
Picture of inside a garage of the Pet Friendly House