Furniture – Leathers & Upholstery

They lay on our chairs, stretch out on our sofas and some even snuggle with us at night, so doesn’t it make sense that furniture we purchase stands up to all of our family members?

It is within our furniture section we that we will provide information about, colors and styles that work for pets and their owners. If you’re looking for stylish, durable furniture that’s perfect for a home with pets, your in the right place.

As you furniture will have to deal with its share of accidents, scratches, stains and chewing, we will also cover articles relating to cleaning up the mess, removing the stains and much more.

Dog Trashed Your Furniture Contest

Though you love to share with your furry best friend, his/her paws, hair and slobber are not great for your couch or favorite chair.

We could run several contests that would be social media friendly.

  • People “Like Us” and get entered to win a FREE chair
  • People submit a pic of their trashed furniture
  • People come to the store to enter to win a chair

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