Pets and Furniture go Hand and Paw

They lay on our chairs, stretch out on our sofas, and some even snuggle with us at night, so doesn’t it make sense that furniture is marketed alongside our furry family members?

Half of all homes in North America include pets but no one has marketed a home that contains “pet friendly” furniture – furniture that is durable, beautiful, and well-made. We know that man’s best friends enjoy comfort as much as we do so we take your pet’s needs into consideration as well as yours.

The furniture seen within the World’s Most Pet Friendly House will showcase pet friendly furniture, fabrics that work best for people who own pets, and designs that appeal to pet owners. We’ll be featuring the best designers and furniture companies for pet lovers. The furniture we select will be seen around the world through photographs. Our choices will be distributed through newspapers, blogs, and videos. If you’re looking for stylish, durable furniture that’s perfect for a home with pets, the World’s Most Pet Friendly House is the place to visit.

Picture of a cat sleeping on a orange fabric sofa
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