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Why I Love My Cat More Than You

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Some say that cats are indifferent, that they don’t care about us humans, and that they wouldn’t hesitate to make us their meal if they were trapped alone in a house with our dead bodies. I, however, don’t believe any of that. My cat is the coolest being that I know, and, when given the chance, the one whom I prefer spending all of my time with.

I have always loved cats, ever since I was a child and my parents wouldn’t let me keep Muffy in the house (which of course resulted in her meeting an untimely death on the busy road in front of our abode and me crying for what felt like years). Once I grew up and got my own apartment, the words “no cats” on the lease I signed didn’t mean much to me. The first month I was there, I answered an ad in the newspaper for a gray kitty whose owner was tearfully giving him away as her infant son was allergic. Hunter was two years old, and I knew as I stealthily snuck him into my apartment under cover of darkness, would be my best friend for many years to come.

Hunter lived to the ripe old age of 17, and was loved by my entire family, now including a spouse and child, up to the time of his death. About a year after Hunter’s demise, we adopted another kitty from a shelter, Tabby. She is truly the light of our lives, and only confirms what I’ve known all along: cats are infinitely better than people. There are so many reasons why this is true, but here are just a few:

  1. Cats don’t judge you. I can be sitting around the house in my ratty sweats, wearing my glasses and no makeup, hair uncombed, binging on Ben and Jerry’s while streaming trash TV, and my cat will sit right above me on the couch, unbothered by my slovenliness. She bumps my head in that cute little way she has and asks for a bite of Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream.
  2. Cats sleep all day. I wish I could sleep all day. I envy my cat for her ability to sleep all day.
  3. Cats tend to get active at night. I really admire this quality. She sleeps all day so that she has the energy to chase her tail at 3:00 a.m. or wake me up by scratching on the bedroom door, ready for playtime. She’s displaying real time management skills. I’d love to sleep all day and play all night, but unfortunately, my life doesn’t work that way.
  4. Cats are attention whores. Not in a bad way, mind you. This is one of the reasons I love my cat. If she’s not getting enough attention or she’s feeling ignored, she’ll tear across the room chasing an imaginary (hopefully) piece of dust. If I’m petting the dog, she’ll cozy up to me and rub against me, asking, “where’s my lovin’?” Of course, it must be on her terms….
  5. If a cat doesn’t want attention, she lets you know. None of this passive-aggressive stuff I see in humans. If it’s not her idea for me to pet her, she’ll scratch me with claws that constantly need trimming. If she doesn’t want picked up and I pick her up anyway, watch out. I’ve had to explain to many people that those scratches on my arms aren’t from a wild animal, just my dear, sweet cat.
  6. Cats love you unconditionally. This might go along with number 1, but it’s so important that it can’t be overstated. Even if I sleep in and don’t feed her on time, she still loves me. (She’ll mournfully meow to let me know she’s hungry and will eat at lightning fast speed when she is fed, throwing most of it up, but she still loves me). If I leave on a vacation and have my pet sitter watch her, she still loves me when I return. Heck, if I were a cat, I’d be turning a cold shoulder on my owner when she returned from a week-long trip. Not my cat, though. She’s just her old self, rubbing against my legs and purring as soon as I walk in the door.

I could go on and on with reasons why I love my cat better than I love people, but hopefully you get the idea. Cats are just cooler than humans. Where else can you find someone who doesn’t judge you, loves you unconditionally, has an enviable sleep schedule, and craves your attention (on her terms)?

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