Top 10 Guard Dogs that will Protect your Home and Family

Picture of German Shepherd with puppies

Many families are looking for a pooch that can be both a family companion and who offers a little protection for their home at the same time. There are lots of dog breeds who were bred specifically to do guardian work, and they excel at keeping potential intruders at bay. However, not all dogs are suited to guard dog work, so you will want to make a list of your top choices and carefully do your research to help you select a dog breed that hits all the high points on your list. What are the top 10 breeds that make good guard dogs?

Choosing the Right Breed to Protect Your Family

To find the right guard dog to share your home with, it is wise to consider breeders who are known to produce dogs from working lines or who use their dogs in protection work already. These types of dogs will already be accustomed to the role you want them to fulfil in your home, so you will have added assurance that the dog is well suited to the work.

You may also want to consider an adult dog over a puppy. Though a puppy can be trained to protect your home and family, an adult dog who is perhaps being retired from a breeding program or active service as a protection dog for the police or the military already has the training and experience necessary to excel as a guard dog, saving you the time and effort of doing the additional work yourself.

It cannot be stressed enough that a good guard dog is not one who barks, lunges, snarls, or generally appears dangerous to anyone who passes by your home. Those types of dogs are often truly aggressive and can prove a danger to the people in your neighborhood and even to your family. The ideal dog for home protection is a dog who is loving and loyal to his family and is easily able to identify potential dangers to his home and people. This type of dog reacts only when there is a real threat to his family and is otherwise a beloved and gentle family companion. A stable temperament is an absolute must.

German Shepherd

Picture of a German shepherd

German Shepherds make excellent guard dogs. Care must be taken to select a German Shepherd from a breeder known for producing dogs with stable temperaments, an essential trait for all dogs earmarked for protection work. The ideal German Shepherd should be a highly confident dog who bonds deeply to his family. The breed is typically easy to train but to excel at guard dog work, your pooch should display a willingness to protect his family from a potential threat should one present itself.


Picture of a Rottweiler

The Rottweiler is another breed that forms deep attachments to the people that he loves. This breed is naturally drawn to protect his family, so little training is required to help your Rottweiler become an excellent guardian of his people and his home. However, great care must be taken to appropriately socialize the Rottweiler, so that he learns to distinguish between what is a real threat to his family and what is simply someone out for a stroll on his street. The Rottweiler is incredibly strong, so you must be certain to teach him proper obedience commands including a solid recall for his own safety.


Picture of a Akita Inu

A dog breed that is naturally aloof to strangers, the Akita, a breed which originated in Japan, found his original purpose as a guard dog. The Akita will fiercely protect his people. A breed that is known for its strength and tenacity, he is a natural guardian. Akitas can be very sensitive to noise and will check out every little sound they hear to ensure your property remains well-protected.

Doberman Pinscher

Picture of a Doberman pinscher

The Doberman Pinscher enjoys a long heritage as a protection dog and is often used in police work and correctional facilities. A breed that is naturally very sensitive, the Doberman is very intelligent and easy to train. The breed’s cropped ears make him impressive and intimidating to behold, adding an extra layer of protection for intruders who might try to advance on your property.


Picture of a Bullmastiff

The Bullmastiff is a breed whose original purpose was to serve as a guardian of his family’s home. Bullmastiffs are good with children if raised with them and are excellent at protecting their families. By virtue of their sheer size and muscle mass alone, the Bullmastiff is a dog that looks intimidating and who has the strength to back up his appearance. But Bullmastiffs are also exceptionally loving family pets, giving you the best of both worlds all wrapped in one big, but adorable, body.


Picture of a Puli

One of the less common breeds on our list, the Puli excels at providing protection for his home and family. The Puli is a very sensitive breed who bonds closely with his people. A breed which can be very obstinate, the Puli can be prone to territorialism and will stand his ground against any perceived threat against his home or his family. Pulis are most often not a breed that thrives indoors.


Picture of a Boxer Dog

Boxers are comical and good natured. Affectionate to their families, they are sensitive by nature and make wonderful family companions. However, make no mistake; the Boxer makes an excellent guard dog and is extremely loyal to the people in his inner circle. The Boxer was originally bred for protection purposes; however, today, they are less frequently found as guard dogs and more often seen living the high life curled up on the couch next to their fave people.

Giant Schnauzer

Picture of a Giant schnauzer

The Giant Schnauzer is well-renowned for his size and strength. This dog breed has a very strong personality that can be described as “dominant.”  The breed is exceptionally smart and benefits from regular activity and mental stimulation. A loyal family companion, the Giant Schnauzer can be very territorial and will not hesitate to protect his property when called upon to do so.

Belgian Malinois

Picture of a Belgian Malinois

A breed often mistaken for the German Shepherd, the Belgian Malinois is a breed all his own. Known to be exceptionally intelligent and in possession of a very high drive, the Belgian Malinois is not a dog for the novice owner. This breed’s original purpose was found in guarding livestock on farms; however, today, the breed enjoys popularity as a companion animal as well as in protection work. The Belgian Malinois is a favorite breed for use in the military as well as police work. They possess excellent scent detection capabilities, making them highly desirable to sniff out bombs and drugs.

Great Pyrenees

Picture of a Great Pyrenees dog

The Great Pyrenees is also a livestock guardian. Sensitive and loyal to his family, this giant breed dog will protect his home and hearth if called upon to do so. The Great Pyrenees is known for being watchful and is not a light-hearted breed by nature. This dog is one pooch who loves children and will fiercely protect them from harm. Though fluffy of appearance, the Great Pyrenees is not a breed who is overly affectionate, and particularly, not to strangers. However, this gentle giant is very loving towards his family.

Are You Ready to Get a Protection Dog?

Consider adding one of our top ten breeds to your home. You’ll get a lifetime of protection and love all rolled up into one great package!



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