Popular Apps for the Dog Owner

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We all know that there’s an app for everything these days. That’s true for you and your dog, too! Need to train your dog? There’s an app for that. Looking for a restaurant where Rex can go, too? Yep, there’s an app. New in town and looking to meet some new friends – for you and your dog? Yes, there’s even an app for playdates.

Check out the great apps we found for dog lovers and their pooches! Some are must-haves and others are just fun but we think you’ll like all of them.

Feeding your dog

Feeding your dog is one of the essentials but are you sure you know what’s good for your dog? The iKibble app can tell you what’s good, what’s bad, and what’s best for your dog to eat. It can tell you which human foods to avoid. It has information about hundreds of foods and you can search for individual foods. It also provides advice about giving your dog human foods.
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Taking care of your dog

Pet First Aid by the American Red Cross
You never know when your dog might have an emergency. You may need help to find the closest vet hospital or the number for a veterinarian. This app will also give you info about symptoms and common first aid problems for dogs. A must-have.

Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cube.arc.pfa&hl=en

Paw Tracks

Caring for your dog includes keeping track of his meals, his potty breaks, and his walks. Dog care can become confusing if there’s more than one person feeding your dog or taking him for walks! Or if your dog is sick and gets off his regular schedule. The Paw Tracks app makes it easy to log and keep track of your dog’s daily routine.


Dog Buddy Free

The Dog Buddy Free app lets you keep up with your dog’s weight, medications, vaccinations, vet visits, and allergies. When your dog needs to visit the vet you won’t have to go scrambling around the house searching for your dog’s old pill bottles. You can keep all of his health info in one place. The app also provides easy first aid instructions.


Pawprint – Pet Health Tracker
Pawpring lets you keep all of your dog’s important health information in one place. It’s even possible to  obtain and keep your dog’s official vet records with the app. Use Pawprint to track your dog’s vet appointments, vaccinations, weight, and diet.
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Walking your dog

Do you love to travel with your dog? BringFido helps you find places where dogs are welcome wherever you go. From dog-friendly hotels, restaurants, events, beaches, and parks, BringFido is a great way to make sure you and your dog won’t have any problems. Good for both the U.S. and Canada. The app provides info on location policies, prices, guest reviews, and amenities.



PuppyWeather is powered by Weather Underground which makes it a good weather app. It also has great pictures of cute puppies that change according to the weather conditions. You can also customize the pictures with choices such as Pug Life, Yoga dogs, and Halloween dogs. We like PuppyWeather because it’s a great way to check the weather before you take your dog for a walk. No one wants to get halfway through a walk with their dog and have an unexpected storm brew up.

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Dog Walkers and Pet Sitters


Rover connects you with over 50,000 pet sitters and dog walkers – already background-checked. You can check them out, pay with safety, and get photo updates about your dog. Use the Rover app to find someone for in-home boarding, a local dog walker or a house sitter. You can customize your search in lots of ways such as the kind of dog you have, dates, and more. If you’re a dog walker, Rover makes it easy to manage your work and clients, respond quickly, and get paid. These apps use GPS so they can drain batteries on longer walks.

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Whistle lets you track your pet’s location and his heart rate anywhere and anytime, including dog walks. It has a wearable collar device which you can buy on the Whistle website or Amazon. They are pricey but you can also use them with Tagg devices. Whistle can alert you if your dog wanders away. The heart rate monitor also lets you create customized activity and fitness goals based on your individual dog, his breed, weight, health, and age. If your dog has more than one person caring for him, you can add friends, family, or a pet sitter to the Whistle account. This app does use GPS so it can run the battery down on longer walks.


Fun with Your Dog


Yelp is a great way to find fun things to do with your dog. Whether you’re looking for dog parks, pet stores, doggy daycare, or other dog friendly places to visit, you’ll probably find lots of places when you look up any city or town.

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Looking for Dog Friends

Would you like to have more friends with dogs? Do you like to talk about your dog but most people run screaming in the other direction? Or, maybe you’re just new in town and looking to find a playdate for your dog. BarkHappy is a location-based app that helps you find dog-friendly places, local dog activities and events, and even alerts about lost and found dogs. BarkHappy is a fun way to meet new people and their dogs for you and your pup.
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Dog Training

iClicker and Puppy Clicker Training

Both of these apps are based on clicker training for dogs. Clicker training is a popular positive reinforcement method of dog training. When your dog (or puppy) does something you like, you use the app to make a sound and you give the dog a small reward (such as a little treat). Your dog quickly learns to associate the sound with something good. This is the basis for training your dog. Clicker training is easy, fun, and most dogs love it. The apps provide more details. The apps have sounds such as toy squeaks or door bells. The training does take practice and dogs don’t learn instantly but it’s a good way to train your dog.

Puppy Clicker Training Google Play



With the PetCoach app, you can talk to real, live licensed veterinarians and dog trainers for free, any time of the day or night. Consult an expert in case of an emergency, ask about your dog’s symptoms, or ask about nutrition. If you happen to make a good connection with a vet or trainer, you can also use the app to schedule a professional appointment.

Petco https://www.petcoach.co/

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