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Picture of two dogs

Best Duo Names for Dogs – Naming Pairs of Dogs

If there’s anything better than one dog, it’s two! If you’ve made the decision to add a dynamic canine duo to your home, you might be interested in selecting names that go hand in hand like peas and carrots. Whether you’re interests lie in infamous true life characters, popular comic strip teams, or something entirely

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Picture of a purebred dog

How Do Registered Kennels Choose Names for Their Puppies?

What’s in a name? Quite a lot, actually. Whether the new addition is a baby or a family pet, people spend inordinate amounts of time trying to select just the right handle for their new family member. Names can express interests, favorite pastimes, much beloved vacation destinations, or even simply unique personality traits. Because a

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Picture of a dog wearing a cowboy hat

The Best Country & Western Dog Names

If you’re planning to add a new puppy to your home, you’ve likely put a lot of thought into your new canine friend’s name. Names can convey many different things and finding just the right handle to express your pooch’s personality and style. If you’re a country and western fan and are looking for just

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Picture of a dog in Greece

Greek Dog Names – Mythological Names for Dogs

Are you Greek by heritage or do you long for the days of the ancient Greek heroes? If you’re looking for a suitable Greek name for your dog or cat, we’ve got an apotheosis of names for you! (By the way, it’s estimated that the Greek language has contributed about 5 percent of the

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Picture of a hunting dog

Hunting Dog Names | Selecting a Name for Sporting Dogs

If you’re adding a pooch to your home that you plan to be your next hunting companion, you’ll want to choose a name that fits your pup’s new role to a T. After all, you don’t want your buddies making fun of you when you’re out on a hunt and calling for “Fifi” or “Marshmallow”

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Picture of a girl and an Irish Setter

Irish Dog Names | Giving your Dog a Gaelic Name

For such a small country, Ireland has contributed much to the world: saints and sea kings, warriors and poets, horses and dogs, plus the beauty of its land. Millions of people around the world claim Irish ancestry, including more than 40 million people in the United States and Canada – about 10 percent of the

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Picture of an orange cat

Orange Cat Names – Great Names for Ginger Cats

Do you have an orange cat? Or perhaps you’d rather call her “ginger”? It’s a well-known fact that cat owners love their kitties as if they were their kiddies, no matter what their shade of fur. Some orange cat lovers will tell you that orange cats are the best. So, their name should reflect that,

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Picture of a grey cat

Female Cat Names

What are your favorite names for female cats? Everyone has their own naming preferences. Some like to name their kitties the popular names, while others want unique names for their cats. Some cat owners like to name their cats to reflect either the cat’s or their own personality. How should you name your female cat?

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Picture of a funny cat

Unique Cat Names – Give Your Cat a Name with Personality

Do you have a new cat in your family or are you considering adopting one, but have yet to figure out a good name for kitty? Coming up with the perfect name for your feline friend can be challenging, especially if you want that name to reflect something about the kitty’s personality. If, however, you

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Picture of a Bulldog

Renaming Your Dog – What You Need to Know

If you’re the proud owner of a dog, you know that often they will come to any name at all. Whether it’s Fido, Fifi, Nutjob, or Poopface you call, you’ll often find your dog racing towards you with the same exuberant enthusiasm as if you called his chosen name. When a dog is taken into

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Picture of a funny dog wearing glasses

Funny Dog Names

If you’ve got a new pooch joining your family, you’ve probably spent a lot of time considering names. The process of choosing the right “handle” for your new canine family member can be quite difficult. Some people like to use names from foreign languages for a little cultural flair while others favor names that reflect

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Picture of a Pit Bull

Pit Bull Names

Time is drawing near to the day when you will bring your beloved canine bundle of joy home to join your family. You’ve purchased a matching leash and collar. You have a plush dog bed all set up in the perfect locale. You’ve even selected your puppy food and acquired brand new bowls for your

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Picture of a German Shepherd

German Dog Names

If you’re adding a dog to your home, you’ve likely been on the hunt for the perfect name for a while now. Most dog owners spend a lot of time searching for just the right “handle” for their best canine pal. After all, they have to live with that name for the life of the

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