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If there’s anything better than one dog, it’s two! If you’ve made the decision to add a dynamic canine duo to your home, you might be interested in selecting names that go hand in hand like peas and carrots. Whether you’re interests lie in infamous true life characters, popular comic strip teams, or something entirely different, our list of the best duo names for dogs is sure to inspire.

Best Food-Themed Names for Duos

Certain foods just “work” together, making them an excellent choice for a canine pair. Here are some of the most popular duo names for dogs based on a food theme:

  • Ham and Egger
  • Burger and Fries
  • Beans and Cornbread
  • Chips and Salsa
  • Nachos and Cheese
  • Mac and Cheese
  • Peanut Butter and Jelly
  • Biscuit and Gravy
  • Cinnamon and Sugar
  • Bacon and Eggs
  • Liver and Onions
  • Bubble and Squeak
  • Fish and Chips
  • Chicken and Waffles
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Mike and Ike
  • Bread and Butter
  • Cookies and Milk
  • Peas and Carrots
  • Cookies and Cream
  • Spaghetti and Meatballs
  • Peaches and Cream
  • Pork and Beans

Top Drink-Related Names for Canine Pairs

Looking for something a little different from the classic food theme for names for your new canine pals? There are lots of interesting drink names for duos from which to choose.

Consider these top drink-related names for canine pairs:

  • Gin and Tonic
  • Bud and Weiser
  • Johnnie and Walker
  • Jack and Daniels
  • Fire and Ball
  • Rum and Coke
  • Whiskey and Sour
  • Ginger and Ale
  • Cream and Soda
  • Orange and Crush
  • Pepsi and Milk
  • Coke and Pepsi
  • Sprite and Seven Up
  • Pina and Colada
  • Doctor and Pepper
  • Chocolate and Milk

The Best Fictional Character Names for Double Doggies

Many families draw inspiration for their dogs’ names from literature. There are many different fictional characters found in a wide variety of different mediums that offer some excellent duo names from which to choose.

Here are some of our favorite best fictional character names for double doggies:

  • Cheech and Chong
  • Laverne and Shirley
  • Hansel and Gretel
  • Starsky and Hutch
  • Thelma and Louise
  • Holmes and Watson
  • Cagney and Lacey
  • Skipper and Gilligan
  • Barbie and Ken
  • C3PO and R2D2
  • Lenny and Squiggy
  • Luke and Leia
  • Will and Carlton
  • Lucy and Ethel
  • Tarzan and Jane
  • Butch and Sundance
  • Romeo and Juliet
  • Jekyll and Hyde
  • Kirk and Spock
  • Niles and Frasier
  • Sam and Diane
  • R. and Bobby
  • Scarlett and Rhett
  • Harry and Sally
  • Cinderella and Prince Charming
  • Aladdin and Jasmine
  • Sam and Diane
  • Norm and Cliff
  • Isaac and Doc
  • Archie and Meathead
  • Gloria and Edith
  • Richie and the Fonz
  • Willis and Arnold

Top Rated Cartoon Character Names for Dynamic Doggy Duos

Every great cartoon character needs a sidekick to pal around with. Many cartoon pairs have become quite famous with their names now being easily recognizable worldwide.

Among the best cartoon character names for dynamic doggy duos are:

  • Tweedledee and Tweedledum
  • Bart and Lisa
  • Homer and Marge
  • Thing 1 and Thing 2
  • Bugs and Elmer
  • Ren and Stimpy
  • Beauty and Beast
  • Lady and Tramp
  • Scooby and Shaggy
  • Batman and Robin
  • Tom and Jerry
  • Mario and Luigi
  • Rocky and Bullwinkle
  • Chip and Dale
  • Olive Oyl and Popeye
  • Snoopy and Woodstock
  • Pink Panther and Inspector Clouseau
  • Lilo and Stitch
  • Bambi and Thumper
  • Fred and Barney
  • Bert and Ernie
  • Bugs and Daffy
  • Max and Ruby
  • Mickey and Minnie
  • Woody and Buzz
  • Donald and Daisy
  • Miss Piggy and Kermit
  • Nemo and Dory
  • Spongebob and Patrick
  • Gumby and Pokey
  • Pooh and Piglet
  • Yogi and Boo Boo
  • Pebbles and Bam Bam
  • Beavis and Butthead
  • Wallace and Gromit

World Class, Real Life Duos

Throughout history, there have been many teams whose work has propelled them to the position of a household name.

Consider giving your new canine pair one of these popular names:

  • Simon and Garfunkel
  • Lennon and McCartney
  • Penn and Teller
  • Ike and Tina
  • Brooks and Dunn
  • Laurel and Hardy
  • Charles and Diana
  • Kate and William
  • Abbott and Costello
  • Slash and Axl
  • Hall and Oates
  • Adam and Eve
  • Martin and Lewis
  • Sonny and Cher
  • Captain and Tennille
  • Milli and Vanilli
  • Jan and Dean
  • Cain and Abel
  • Bonnie and Clyde
  • Gilbert and Sullivan
  • Fred and Ginger
  • Bing and Bob
  • June and Johnny
  • Lancelot and Guinevere
  • Ashford and Simpson
  • Antony and Cleopatra
  • Napoleon and Josephine
  • Kim and Kourtney
  • Eva and Zsa Zsa

Famous Sports Pairs

If you’re a die hard sports fanatic, you just might find the inspiration you need to name your two new canine pals in some of these famous sports pairs.

Consider these possibilities:

  • Peyton and Marvin
  • Nancy and Tonya
  • Magic and Kareem
  • Rinaldo and Ronaldo
  • Michael and Scottie
  • Babe and Lou
  • Shaq and Kobe
  • Gretzky and Messier
  • Venus and Serena
  • Jack and Arnold

Miscellaneous Mixtures

If you’re looking for duo names that are just a little off the beaten track, this list of paired partners might be just what the doctor ordered.

Consider naming your new canine pals one of the handles that make our list of miscellaneous mixtures:

  • Thunder and Lightning
  • Sugar and Spice
  • Rhyme and Reason
  • Tick and Tock
  • Rhythm and Blues
  • Rock and Roll
  • Fric and Frac
  • Sooner and Later
  • Now and Then
  • First and Last
  • Pete and Repeat
  • Shake and Bake
  • Touch and Go
  • Mish and Mash
  • Huff and Puff
  • Bow and Arrow
  • Ebony and Ivory
  • Stay and Go
  • Slip and Slide
  • King and Queen
  • Double and Trouble
  • Juicy and Fruit
  • Yin and Yang
  • Prim and Proper
  • Crackle and Pop
  • Pip and Squeak
  • Fortune and Cookie
  • Hugs and Kisses
  • Hip and Hop
  • Jetsam and Flotsam
  • Fuzzy and Wuzzy

Adding a canine duo to your life and searching for the perfect “twin names?” Consider our list of the best duo names for dogs. You just might find your perfect fit!



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