Biblical Dog Names

biblical dog names

When it comes time to name your new canine pal, there are lots of different places from which you can draw inspiration. Some people look to their favorite movie stars, sports heroes, or books. While others search for the ideal handle in adjectives that describe their new pooch’s personality traits best. From the beginning of time, many people have looked to the Bible for names that fit their children, and yes, their canines and felines, to a T. Biblical names often have a very poetic ring to them, but more than that, they often carry a significant meaning that allows you bestow your pet with a name that sounds melodious and that is the perfect reflection of their own unique character.

Here is our list of the top 30 Biblical names for dogs and their meanings:

Abel is a boy’s name. It traces its roots to one of two origins: the Hebrew word Hebel meaning breath or vapor or the Assyrian term which translates to son. Abel was the brother of Cain, the two sons of Adam and Eve, and the firstborn human offspring of the first two created people. Abel was murdered by his brother Cain when his sacrifice to God was deemed of higher worth than Cain’s.

Abraham (Abe)
A common Biblical name for boys, Abraham translates to “father of many.” Abraham is considered to be the first patriarch and is the father of Isaac.

Hebrew in origin, Asher means “happy” or “blessed.” In the Bible, Asher was one of the sons of Jacob. In Jewish history, the surname Asher was also bestowed upon families that lived by groves of ash trees.

Cain is the brother of Abel and was the firstborn son of Adam and Eve. In the Bible, Cain is remembered for killing his brother Abel when Abel’s sacrifice found greater favor in the eyes of God than his own. As punishment for his sins, Cain was sentenced to live out the remainder of his life as a wanderer of the land with no set place for his home.

A beloved Hebrew name, Eli can be translated to mean “high” or “elevated” in the English language. When combined with other suffixes, the name Eli becomes “my God.” Some of the most common Biblical names that include the Hebrew term Eli are Elijah and Elisha.

In the Bible, Gideon was a much loved warrior, judge, and prophet. His call to fame was leading the Israelites to triumph over the Midianites. His story is recounted in the Old Testament book of Judges. The name Gideon is Hebrew and means “feller” or “hewer” (great warrior).

The name Goliath is first found in the book of Samuel. Goliath was a giant of Philistine descent who was matched against the young Israelite David. He was killed by the much smaller David through a stone from his slingshot. The name Goliath translates to “exile.”

Isaac is the first son of Abraham, the father of many nations. His name translates to “one who laughs” or “one who rejoices.”

A name given to one of the major prophets in the Bible, Isaiah is taken from the Hebrew term “yesha” which means salvation and “yah,” a shortened version of Yahweh, another name for God. When the two Hebrew words are combined, the name Isaiah means “the God who saves.”

Ishmael is one of the sons of Abraham, born to him of his concubine Hagar. History records Ishmael as passing away at age 137 years old. The name Ishmael means “God has hearkened.” God blessed Ishmael and allowed him to be the founder of a great nation because he was a child of Abraham.

Jericho is a city located in Palestine. Its name translates to “mound.” Jericho is famous in the Bible as the city that Joshua conquered as his first conquest leading to the siege of Canaan. For six days, Joshua led his army in circling the walls of Jericho. On the seventh day, Joshua and his men blew their trumpets, the walls fell, and the city was captured.

Jonah was a reluctant prophet whose name means “dove.” While trying to avoid God’s direct commands upon his life, Jonah was swallowed by a whale. Jonah spent three days and three nights in the belly of what the Bible describes as a great fish. When Jonah repented of his sin, the whale released him, unharmed.

The name Jordan is found in both the Greek and the Hebrew languages. Jordan is the name of a beautiful river flowing in the land of Israel. It is from this river that the country Jordan takes its name. Jordan translates to “to flow down” or “descend.”

Judah is one of the sons of Jacob and Leah. He is the head of one of the 12 tribes of Israel. Judah means “thanksgiving” or “praise.”

Samson was the final Israelite judge mentioned in the book of Judges. His name means “man of the sun.” Samson was a Nazarite, a tribe of people who grew their hair to lengthy proportions and whose strength was attributed to their flowing tresses. Delilah was sent to deceive Samson and to cut his hair while he slept, removing his strength from him. With his strength gone, the Philistines, his enemies, gouged his eyes from his head and put him to work grinding grain, a job previously reserved only for animals. When his hair began to grow again, his strength returned. Samson gained his revenge on the Philistines when he caused a temple to topple upon his enemies, killing himself and his tormentors in the process.

Delilah was the temptress responsible for delivering Samson to his doom. Her name means “delicate.”

Deborah is the name of the first woman judge and a prophet in the Bible. Her name translates to “bee.” Deborah is well renowned for her role in securing Barak’s help to protect the Israelites against enemy forces. Her work as a prophetess and judge is recorded in the Old Testament book of Judges.

Esther is a Persian name that means star. She was chosen as the second wife of King Ahasuerus and is responsible, alongside her uncle Mordecai, for the overturning of an edict that would have ended the Jewish race entirely.

Eve is a Hebrew name that translates to “breathe” or “to live.” Since Adam and Eve were formed from the dust and God breathed into them the breath of life, this name is quite fitting for the very first woman.

Hannah is the name of the mother of the prophet Samuel. She was the wife of Elkanah. She spent many years barren but prayed and trusted God would provide her with a son. When God fulfilled His promise, Hannah dedicated her son to God’s service. The name Hannah translates to “favor” or “grace.”

Jezebel hailed from the region of Phoenicia and is well renowned as the wife of the evil King Ahab. The name Jezebel means “pure” or “virginal” though ironically the Biblical Jezebel was neither of these two things. Jezebel was responsible for assisting her husband in promoting the worship of the false gods Baal and Ashtaroth. Jezebel met her death when thrown out a window by her own servants where her body was torn to pieces by dogs.

Leah was one of the two wives of Jacob. Her name means “weary” or “cow.” Jacob sought to marry Leah’s sister Rachel and served her father seven years for the honor of her hand in marriage. When their wedding night came, Jacob was surprised to discover his father in law had tricked him into marriage to Rachel’s older sister Leah instead. Leah bore Jacob seven children and also provided a handmaiden to help grow their family.

Lydia is a feminine Hebrew name meaning “beautiful one” or “noble one.” In the Bible, Lydia was a “seller of purple,” a type of garment whose hue was very rare and expensive. Lydia is renowned in Bible history as an exceptional businesswoman and a deaconess in the local church.

The name Magdalene is Latin in origin. It is most commonly translated as “watchful one” or “watchtower.” Magdalene was a last name commonly given to those that made their home in the town of Magdala, a city that rested along the banks of the Sea of Galilee.

Miriam is the ancient version of the more commonly accepted girl’s name “Mary.” Miriam translates to “drop of the sea, bitter, or beloved.” Miriam is the sister of the prophets Moses and Aaron and is the oldest of the three siblings. Miriam was responsible for leading the Israelites in a celebratory song and dance after the parting and crossing of the Red Sea.

Naomi is the mother in law of Ruth in the Old Testament book of Ruth in the Bible. Her name is believed to translate to “good, winsome, pleasant, or lovely.”

Rachel is the second born daughter and sister to Leah who became the wife of Jacob. She was the preferred of Jacob’s two wives; however, she struggled to provide him with children. Throughout the course of her life, she bore Jacob two sons: Joseph and Benjamin. The name Rachel means “ewe.”

Ruth was the faithful wife of Boaz. Upon the loss of her first husband, she continued to remain with her mother in law Naomi, providing care for her. Ruth was of Moabite descent. She later met Boaz, her second husband, and married him. Ruth is one of few women mentioned in the genealogy of Jesus. She is listed alongside Rahab, Tamar, Bathsheba, and Mary, the mother of Jesus herself. The name Ruth means “companion, friend, vision of beauty.”

Sarah was the wife of Abraham, the first patriarch in the Bible. Sarah is a Hebrew name meaning “princess.” A woman who was desperate to bear her husband a son, both Sarah and Abraham praised God when they discovered she was expecting a baby at age 90. This baby was named Isaac.

Vashti was the first wife of King Ahasuerus. The name is Persian and translates to “goodness.” Vashti fell out of favor with the king when she refused to appear at a banquet at his request. For this crime, she was banished from the kingdom. Esther was later chosen as queen in her stead.

Looking for the perfect Biblical name for your new canine pal? Consider our list of the top 30 Biblical names. You just might find the perfect handle for your pooch here!



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