Tough Dog Names – Great Male & Female Names for Strong Dogs

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Choosing the right name for a new pup can be quite a challenge. Most families are looking for a handle that fits their dog to a T. When a man decides to add a dog to his home, it is often a high priority to select a name that clearly communicates masculinity. After all, no man wants to be calling for “Fifi”, “Fluffy,” or “Princess” to come for dinner time or to stop barking at the neighbor’s dog. Finding a name that conveys the right amount of strength and manliness can be a challenge. With a little creativity, families can find the perfect handle to match their own tough guy persona.

Tough Names for Male Dogs

With so many tough guy names to choose from, families are spoiled for choice when it comes to the perfect masculine name for the new boy dog in their lives.

Here is a list of some of our favourite tough dog names for boys:

Admiral is a name that refers to an officer in the navy that possesses a high rank. It carries a connotation of respect and honor.

Ajax is a prominent figure in Greek mythology. He is considered to be one of the heroes of the Trojan War.

Apache, a term that originated in Paris, is used to reference gypsies that express themselves through violent means.

An archer is someone who uses a bow and arrow for sport; most commonly to hunt small game.

Argus is a name which carries many meanings. It is most notably used in association with mythology in which an argus was a giant in possession of 100 eyes. In the play The Odyssey, Argus was the name of Odysseus’ loyal canine companion.

Aslan is a word of Turkish descent. It translates to lion.

Atlas is a name associated with Greek mythology. Atlas was a Titan who was forced to carry an immense weight across his back.

Bandit is a common name applied to a thief or robber who exercises stealth and cunning in deploying his crimes.

Beast is a name that is often applied to a wild animal that is known for savage behavior.

Bender is taken from the Old English word “bendan” which translates to “to bend the bow.” This name was likely an alternative to the occupational handle “archer.”

Blaze is a name of Latin origin meaning “fire.” It is equally appropriate for both boys and girls.

Boss is a positional name which refers to the person that is in charge.

Brewski is a slang term loosely applied to beer, a favorite beverage of many men and women.

Brick is a reference to a building material renowned for its durability and strength. Brick is also the name of a character in the beloved Tennessee Williams’ play Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

Bruiser is a term applied to an individual that enjoys displays of violence or aggression.

Brutus makes reference to a historical figure by the name of Marcus Junius Brutus, a man who was partially responsible for the assassination of Julius Caesar.

Chomp is a slang term meaning to take a bite out of something.

Chopper is a common affectionate handle for a motorcycle.

Churchill is a reference to the former beloved Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill, a man renowned for his bulldog-like appearance, tenacity, and tough and unyielding nature.

Dozer is an abbreviation of the word “bulldozer,” a reference to something that moves debris out of the way.

The name Dre means man or warrior. Today, it is often a common abbreviation of the popular name Andre.

Hulk is a reference to an oversized animal or person known for physical strength and impressive musculature.

Maximus is a popular Latin name for boys. It translates to “the greatest.”

A ninja is a highly skilled assassin.

Pistol is a reference to a type of weapon.

Pyro is an abbreviation of the word “pyromaniac.” It is a reference to someone who compulsively sets things on fire for their enjoyment.

Tough Dog Names for Females

Though the old rhyme says that little girls are made of sugar, spice, and everything nice, that doesn’t mean their names have to lean towards the frou-frou.

Here is a list of the some of the most popular tough dog names for girls:

Andromeda is a popular goddess in Greek mythology.

Astra has several meanings in several different languages. In Greek, it translates to star. The Norsemen take this word to mean “divine strength.”

Blitz refers to an unexpected attack, typically of military origin.

The name Cersei is a reference to an evil queen who figured prominently in the book and television series Game of Thrones. Cersei was particularly renowned for her treachery and cruelty.

Diva is originally a term that applied to a female opera singer. It loosely referenced actions that were overly dramatic and demanding.

Elektra is the central character of two Greek tragedies.

Freya is a word of Norse descent which means noble woman.

Taken from the popular Star Wars films, jedi refers to a person with extraordinary skills or powers.

Justice is a reference to what should be enacted to avenge wrongs inflicted against a person.

Katniss is the name of the female heroine, a young girl of great strength, in The Hunger Games book and movie series.

Liberty is another name for freedom. It is most often applied in the context of freedom of choice.

Medusa is a villain in Greek mythology. She is a winged figure with poisonous snakes emanating from her scalp which resemble hair.

Rogue refers to someone who is lacking in character or principles.

Storm is a term which is applied to a bout of inclement and potentially dangerous weather.

Bringing home a new pooch and on the hunt for the perfect tough dog name? Consider our list of the most popular handles, and you just might find your perfect match!



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