Technology and Pets

Technology makes our lives better and it can improve the relationship between you and your pet. Today we can find our pets with microchips and chips on their collars, talk to them from work, feed them automatically, and share our pics of them on walks with the click of a button. Our technology section is all about bringing you the newest gadgets, improvements to old ones, and what’s new on the horizon.

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From apps to cameras, phones make pet ownership easy and fun today…

Is Fido missing? Microchips and tracking devices in your pet’s collar can help you find him!

Learn about new trends and pet products of the future that will improve pet ownership.

Innovations in fabrics make them more durable and easier to clean – perfect for pet owners!

Learn how automatic food dispensers can give your pet the right amount of food at every meal.

Just because your dog’s name is Brutus doesn’t mean he can guard your home… especially if he’s a 15 lb Pug. Learn about home security for you and your pets.

Your cat’s litterbox doesn’t have to be a stinky mess. Learn about better litterboxes and litter to keep you and your cat happy.

Explore ways to keep your pets safe at home with fences and other containment technologies.