Popular Dating Websites and Apps for Dog & Cat Lovers

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We all love our pets. They’re the ideal companions for enjoying long weekend walks, sharing meals, and snuggling at night. They enhance our lives immeasurably and provide us with joy and cuddles. It’s impossible to be truly lonely with pets in the house. Despite that, some of us also seek companions with fewer tails. And since everything’s available on the Internet, lots of us look for love there too.

The well-known apps like Tinder and OKCupid feature plenty of candidates with furbabies in their profile pictures and some of them even allow users to filter based on pet-friendliness. But what if you didn’t even have to do that? What if the sites only showed potential matches who had already expressed their love of animals and were looking for similar matches? We’ve promised our pets forever homes. Your pets are your family and when you’re looking to build a life — or even just a weekend — with somebody new, it’s important to make sure that you’ll be compatible in all the ways that matter and there’s no doubt that your pets matter!

Lisa, a California engineer, keeper of a minor menagerie, and dating-site dynamo, exclaimed “THERE ARE DATING SITES FOR PET LOVERS?” when she first became aware of this underserved niche. Excitement soon turned to concern, though. “On second thought, is it going to be full of guys who take their dogs everywhere and think it’s cute their dog ‘loves’ me so much it won’t stop humping my leg but then shrug and say they don’t know how to get him to stop doing that.” This is an excellent reminder that just as we lead with our best foot forward on these sites, we probably have to make sure to show our pets in a positive light as well when we’re checking compatibility. The bottom line, though, is that it’s about finding matches that work and working these pet-friendly sites and apps is a really good way to bring love into your life.

Dig is the Dog Person’s Dating App and is launching in major cities across the country, often with in-person events and parties. It’s been recognized by TechCrunch as one of the top 100 startups of the year and as a finalist for the Purina Pet Care Innovation Prize. The app not only allows you to find love with other dog lovers but suggests dog-friendly date ideas near you, educates you with daily tips and tricks on dog care and dog life, and alerts you to daily dog-related deals. It is designed to make sure that both you and your dog are compatible with any match; you can even search profiles by dog size. The app is both sophisticated and user-friendly and dog people should rejoice at the chance to add more dogs and more dog people to their contact lists.

DateMyPet.com seems to acknowledge that sometimes pets are even more interesting than their people! This site is primarily built for romantic connections but there are options where you can look for platonic friends for both you and your furry friends. It is part of media conglomerate Venntro, Inc. with a worldwide reach in the dating site market. Membership, a profile listing, and search capabilities are free but a paid upgrade is required for messaging and chat capabilities. The site also offers advice, tips, and articles of interest to single pet lovers.

PetPeopleMeet.com is a community dedicated to helping pet people find other pet people for dating and relationships. It is part of People Media, which is owned by the iconic Match.com and has significant market share in the world of niche dating sites. It is free to join, create a profile, and browse but a paid membership is required to participate in what most of the site has to offer, such as messaging, live chats, and extended profiles. The success stories posted here are certainly encouraging.

It’s a tough world out there and as much comfort and companionship as we get from our furry friends, many of us want to also find human companions for an afternoon play date, for a lifetime, or for anything in between. Since our pets are such a huge part of our lives, we want to spend time with people with the same priorities. Instead of swiping endlessly and hoping that the puppy in the photo isn’t just a prop, why not try looking at some sites and apps dedicated to pet people? After all, your animals are a priority and you want to make sure that a match works on all levels of your life.



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