Popular Hashtags for Dogs on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

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Is there anything better than showing off your beloved pooch on social media for the world to see? Not only does it show how much you love them, but it allows others to see their fun quirks, amazing personalities, and how sweet they look when they’re falling asleep. It isn’t uncommon for people to create Instagram accounts for their dogs, with some even having thousands upon thousands of followers who are wanting to see the sweet snaps.

Get started with hashtags

All the famous accounts on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook had to start somewhere and it took time to amass the following they have, but there is one thing that helped them out. Hashtags. When used correctly hashtags can allow your image of your dog to be viewed by a much wider audience who are interested in that particular hashtag. Something that is interesting to note is that the hashtag #dog has been used on 193 million posts on Instagram, so there is definitely some competition on there. If you are looking to add some hashtags to images of your animal on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, then make sure to include some of these:

  • #puppy – for when you want to show off how sweet they are.
  • #dogsofinstagram – this is a great hashtag that can be used for a dog of any age or breed on Instagram.
  • #dogsitting – this hashtag can be used by the people looking after dogs and capturing the moment for all to see.
  • #doglover – to show people just how much you love canines and to engage with other likeminded people.
  • #dogoftheday – do you have a number of dogs in your household? Why not dedicate a day to each one to share the love?
  • #Puppylove – is there a better way to show off one of the sweetest stages of a dog’s life? We think not.

Something else that would be great to include in your hashtags in the breed of dog that you own. Not only will people who love that particular breed find your photo, but it will also allow you to see what other people are posting and see the hashtags they use to get their photos noticed.

Hashtag trends

While the hashtags mentioned above are quite general and can be used for any image or video, there are some that are much more specific. These are trends within the online dog community that show off some of the more interesting and funny sides to dogs, which are definitely worth taking a look at, or taking part in.

The #funnydog is a really popular hashtag across social media. Does your dog ever do anything that causes you to laugh so much that your stomach hurts and tears fall from your eyes? Dogs can do some of the funniest things and a lot of the time these hilarious canines will go viral. This hashtag is often used to help others smile with joy and to show how entertaining dogs are when they want to be. Just a quick look on twitter will show people retweeting funny dog videos such as one that shows a ‘Beware of the Dog’ sign before panning to show a sweet canine showing his teeth in a grin with his eyes closed. A funny dog can brighten anyone’s day.

One thing that is bound to make your heart feel warm and fuzzy is taking a look at the #pupsquad hashtag. These images and videos will often show puppies running around and playing with their parents, snuggling up to one another when it’s time for a nap, or even just getting them altogether for a hilarious photo shoot. Show off how great everyone gets along with this fun hashtag!

Ever look at your pooch and wonder how they could be comfortable in some of the strange positions they lie in? Now you can what other people’s dogs do with the #howisthatcomfortable hashtag, which shows dogs in positions that only contortionists would be able to achieve. The funny thing is that the dogs don’t seem fazed by it at all and will often fall asleep or play with their toys at the same time. Not only do dogs like to sleep a lot, they also like to bark at their owners when they aren’t getting their own way. The hashtag #barkinthepark will show dogs getting overexcited to play with their ball at the park, or even throwing a tantrum when they don’t want to leave yet.

How to get people to follow you

Now that you know the hashtags to use and follow, how do you get people to follow you? Easy, make sure that you are active on whatever platform you choose to show off your dog. Posting videos and images everyday while using the hashtags will send your content to a wide audience that is interested in content like yours. A great idea is to also include industry hashtags. These are the ones that are also used by corporations, charities and business that are in the dog industry, whether they are selling food or promoting adoption. For example, the hashtag #adoptdontshop is used by nearly everyone that has adopted a dog to spread awareness and give animals a second chance to have an amazing life.

Using these hashtags will allow your content to be seen by those actively browsing those terms on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and in turn you will find that your following will begin to increase bit by bit. Just be sure to keep posting those cute and funny snaps to catch their attention!



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