The Best Pet Friendly Carpets

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It’s time to replace your flooring, and you’ve decided carpet is the way to go. But you’ve got pets, and you know that certain types of carpets don’t show wear and tear well. You’re willing to invest the necessary funds to ensure that you get something that will last. After all, replacing flooring is a costly venture and one that throws your entire home into upheaval while the old flooring comes up and the new carpet goes down. It’s important to you to make the best decision for your home, and Fido and the family’s comfort is top priority with durability and ease of cleaning both a very close second.

What Are the Best Pet Friendly Carpets on the Market Today?

Some Factors to Consider

In selecting the best carpet for your home, it is important to take stock of the things you are looking for from your new flooring. Here is a list of important considerations when shopping for your new flooring:

Flooring takes a beating, there is no doubt about it. But in a home with pets, carpets, in particular, are subject to a fair bit of abuse. With this in mind, it is important to select a carpet that is up to the task of a home with pets. This means that carpets that will snag easily are not the ideal choice for the pet friendly home. Not only can you end up with unsightly runs in your carpet, you may end up with a dog or cat with a torn nail who now requires an emergency visit to the vet.

At the same time, color consideration is also vital. Light colored carpets may hide white dog hair well, but unfortunately, they are a show case for dirt. Dark carpets will hide the dirt but proudly display the dog hair. For this reason, neutral colored carpets or carpets with patterns are the best choices for a home with pets.

Stain resistant
Pets drag in a fair bit of dirt and occasionally have accidents in the home. A carpet which has been specially formulated to resist stains can save you ending up with a carpet that now more closely resembles a camouflage outfit better suited to duck hunting than flooring for your family room.

Many carpets are now treated with Scotchgard which helps to protect against spills, dirt, and other pet messes.

Easy to clean/hides dirt well
If you own pets, the reality is you will be doing a fair amount of spot cleaning in your carpets. The type of fabric you select will determine how easy it is to get and keep clean. Though steam cleaning the entire carpet is always an option, it is expensive and time consuming. The ability to spot clean stains easily from a carpet is a big selling feature for people with pets.

But it’s not just stains that owners are concerned about. No one wants to be a slave to their vacuum cleaner. With this in mind, most families are looking for a carpet that can hide a little surface dirt, allowing them to vacuum several times a week instead of several times a day.

Odor resistant
Few things smell as bad as wet dog, but a close second would be a dog who has just recently rolled in feces. When your dog comes into your home wet from a dip in a mud puddle, dirty from digging in your garden, or stinky from a roll in some particularly noxious poop, the dirt and odor has to go somewhere. That’s right! It ends up in your carpet. Carpets can be particularly prone to retaining smells. This is largely due to the fact that carpets absorb and trap moisture, providing odors a place to rest and fester. Today’s market offers treated carpets that resist pungent odors to help keep your carpet smelling as clean as the day you first installed it.

Doesn’t “trap” hair
Today, many families suffer from allergies, and trapped dog dander and hair only exacerbates the problem. Certain types of dog hair, particularly from wire-haired breeds, is insidious and easily becomes imbedded in fabrics, making it nearly impossible to remove. Wise homeowners look for low pile, easy to care for fabrics which easily release pet hair and dander when vacuumed.

The Best Carpet Options

When you know what you are looking for, it makes the search for the ideal flooring that much simpler for you. Here is a list of the leading carpets for pet-friendly homes today:

Mohawk SmartStrand Forever Clean
SmartStrand Forever Clean is a carpet prized for its ability to withstand the demands and abuses of a busy lifestyle with pets while still offering a luxurious feel. This carpet is not only beautiful, but it is also equipped with a stain protectant which does not break down with age. Treated with Nanoloc, a substance which creates a barrier between liquid spills and the carpet itself, the SmartStrand Forever Clean carpet is a breeze to clean. The carpet also boasts of a zero percent moisture retention rate, meaning odors aren’t given opportunity to linger. Best of all, SmartStrand Forever Clean is backed by Mohawk’s All Pet Protection and Warranty, ensuring your carpet will last.

Rembrandt’s Wear Free Carpets
Leading carpet manufacturer Rembrandt Flooring now proudly offers Wear Free Carpets suitable for use in any pet-friendly home. Available in a number of attractive styles and colors, Rembrandt offers many options to appeal to the tastes of every homeowner. Rembrandt’s Wear Free carpets are industry leaders, combining the best aspects of durability with lasting quality. Many of these carpets are pre-treated with Scotchgard which resists spills. Rembrandt’s proprietary Repel Technology prevents odor absorption and stains. Best of all, these carpets are not only functional and pretty; they are also soft and comfortable!

Home Depot’s Pet Proof Carpet
Pet Proof Carpet from Home Depot is a solid competitor when it comes to pet friendly carpeting for homes. This carpet is not only intended to withstand regular pet use and abuse, it was also designed with their comfort in mind. This carpet also bears a zero percent moisture retention rate ensuring it remains odor resistant. It is also treated with NonolocTM to prevent spills and household dirt from penetrating then becoming trapped in the fabric. This carpet earns high marks from homeowners for its cleaning-friendly qualities. Reviewers report that this particular carpet Is far easier to clean than any similar carpet designed for homes with pets.

Stainmaster PetProtect
Stainmaster PetProtect is another excellent option for families with pets. The carpet comes complete with factory installed stain protection. It is also resistant to pet hair accumulation as well as to odors. An extremely durable carpet, Stainmaster PetProtect also offers the comfort and luxury that families are looking for. When it comes to ease of cleaning, Stainmaster PetProtect earns the highest score in this category.

Carpet companies are more aware than ever before that families with pets need just a little more from their flooring options. Today, there are many great carpets to choose from, and owners don’t have to sacrifice style for functionality.

Looking for a new carpet that can stand up to Fido and Frisky’s worst? Head to your local flooring store to check out one of our recommended carpets today!



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