The Best Pet Friendly Flooring Options

The Best Pet Friendly Flooring Options

Your flooring takes a beating, especially when you own pets. When it comes time to replace it, you’d much rather invest more money up front to ensure that you get something that is going to last. After all, when you own pets, choosing the right flooring for your home requires more thought than simply settling on just style and color. With so many selections on the market today, you want to make a choice that is in keeping with your design ideas while still being functional.  It’s not any easy decision trying to select something your family will hopefully live with and enjoy for a long time to come, so you’re prepared to put the research in to help you make an informed choice.

Factors to Consider

Changing your flooring is a big step, and it’s not an inexpensive one.  Your entire house is thrown into uproar for a few days while the old flooring is removed and preparations begin for the new one to be installed.  With this in mind, it’s not a decision you want to take lightly.  If you purchase a floor that is not up to the challenge of a household with pets, you might be going through the same inconvenience–not to mention a large expense–again in the not too distant future. It’s important to get it right.

Here are some factors to consider in purchasing new flooring for the home you share with your pets:

  • Durability

Let’s face it, pets DO increase the wear and tear on a home, and this is a very important consideration when selecting your new flooring.  One of the most critical qualities your new floor must have is durability.  Pet nails can easily damage or scratch certain types of flooring, so you want to ensure that the type of flooring you select will be resistant to these potential issues.

  • Easy to clean

Nothing is worse than having a new floor installed only to find out that you are a slave to keeping it clean.  Flooring that requires tile grout can start to look worn and grungy very quickly, and cleaning tile grout on a regular basis is a rigorous and frustrating job. Always consider the cleaning requirements of the flooring options you like to make certain you are prepared to make the commitment it will take to keep it looking clean.

  • Hides dirt well

Muddy pawprints are a fact of life for most pet owners, making light-colored flooring a lot of additional work for you.  Most people don’t have time to be mopping their floors several times a day to keep it looking pristine. Consider adding a dark or patterned floor to your home to hide the dirt better.  This will enable you to make use of an electric broom or Swiffer for quick cleanups to keep your floors looking good until you can do a deeper clean.

  • Comfort

Since you and your pets will be doing a lot of standing (and sitting!) on your floors, you want to make certain it is comfortable for both of you.  Flooring that hurts your feet will hurt Fido’s and Frisky’s too!

  • Proper grip

As pets age, they slip and fall more easily.  This is a consideration in your flooring requirements as well.  Textured flooring provides better traction which allows your pet to walk across it without fear of sliding into something that might cause them injury or pain.

Options Available

Now that you have a checklist of important things to consider before making a purchase, you are ready for the fun part—SHOPPING!  It’s an exciting time to be installing new flooring in your home.  There are many pet friendly options available today allowing you to select a floor that meets all of your criteria while still fitting neatly within your budget.

Here are some of our favourite pet friendly flooring options:

  • Hardwood

Who doesn’t love hardwood?  It is versatile, exceptionally easy to clean, and is spill and odor resistant. Care must be taken to clean it swiftly after any accidents or pet messes to prevent any staining or damage from water or pet nail scratches.

  • Carpet or carpet tiles

Carpet can be a great choice for the pet friendly home.  Carpet provides a surface that is comfortable and easy on the joints of our favorite furry companions. Opting for carpet tiles allows for portions of a carpet to be removed and replaced in case of damage instead of having to replace an entire floor.  Carpets that are dark in color or patterned hide dirt well.  However, carpets are prone to absorbing and holding odors, so swift removal of any pet waste followed by cleaning with an enzymatic cleaner is necessary to keep the carpet smelling fresh and clean.

  • Cork

Cork is a great choice for families with pets who are looking for low maintenance flooring.  Its strengths like in the fact that it is resistant to damage from moisture or liquids, and it requires little to keep it looking and smelling clean.  It can scratch more easily than most flooring options, and it is also an unsuitable material for rooms in which you want to place heavy objects because of its soft, porous material.

  • Laminate

Like the look of hardwood but don’t want to spend that much?  Laminate provides a great alternative.  Laminate hides scratches well and is exceptionally easy to clean and water resistant.  It is, however, slippery, and needs to be replaced more frequently than its hardwood counterpart.

  • Stone/Ceramic Tile

Many people love the look of stone/ceramic tile.  It boasts of being easy to clean and is one of the most durable materials available to stand up to abuse and damage from pets.  However, stone and ceramic tile are can be quite cold and also don’t provide great traction which can be an issue for ailing, elderly pets.  Also, ceramic tile generally requires grout which is difficult and time-consuming to keep looking clean unless you opt for a dark tint.

  • Bamboo

Bamboo has quickly become a favorite of many pet owning families.  It is known for its durability and performance under high traffic areas of a house.  It resists damage from normal household use and is strong enough to bear up under the wear of pets in a home.  It is also stain resistant and an environmentally friendly choice.

  • Vinyl

If bamboo isn’t quite your style, vinyl is a great option for families with pets.  It is durable, easy to clean, and easy on joints while still providing great traction.  It hits all the high points including a price point that is very attractive.

Ready for some new flooring?  Armed with this checklist, you’re ready to find the right flooring for your home that will meet an exceed all of your expectations and that you can enjoy for years to come!

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