If Your Pet Sleeps with You, Get a Bed Protector

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Many families love to share their beds with their pets. While some owners provide luxurious plush dog beds by the side of their own sleeping abode, others prefer to invite Fido to snuggle beneath the covers directly alongside them. Yet sharing your bed with your dog can mean your mattress takes a beating. From dog hair that sticks to the sheets and the occasional accident from urine, feces, blood, or vomit, there are additional messes that need to be cleaned as a result of inviting your best canine pal to share your bed. But thankfully, there is a simple solution that can cut down on the mess and help preserve the longevity of your mattress—a bed protector. What is a bed protector and why should I get one?

What is a Bed Protector?

Bed protectors are typically quilted pads that can be placed over mattresses and fastened in place through the use of elasticized sleeves. Their purpose is to keep mattresses from absorbing stains and odors that come with regular mattress use.

Many people feel they don’t need a bed protector. This is because they associate the product with bed wetting, and they rationalize that since they don’t suffer from incontinence, a bed protector is simply an unnecessary, added expense. However, sharing your bed with pets means your mattress will come in contact with a vast array of bodily fluids including saliva, urine, feces, vomit, and blood.

But it’s not just your pets that leave unpleasant smells and stains on your mattress. From night sweats to makeup left on overnight, dead skin cells, and more, your body leaves a lasting imprint on your bed. These materials, whether produced by you or your dog, permeate the fabric of a mattress, leaving them smelling less than April fresh and shortening the life expectancy of it. Once these items have seeped into the fabric of the mattress, they are nearly impossible to remove. A bed protector stands between your body and your dog’s, and your mattress to help keep it safe from bodily fluids, unpleasant smells, and dead skin, preserving its integrity. Best of all, bed protectors are inexpensive and can easily be removed for laundering when they become soiled.

Why Do I Need a Bed Protector?

If you’re on the fence as to whether or not to shell out some money for a bed protector like the premium quality Bed Gear, here is list of some of the benefits you can reap from your purchase:

  • Preserves your mattress in a new state for more time

Any fluids that permeate a mattress negatively impact its life expectancy. Liquids such as perspiration, spilled drinks, or even saliva cause mattress foam to break down, a condition that causes your mattress to start to feel lumpy and uncomfortable.

A bed protector keeps your mattress safe from fluids that can cause early deterioration and permanent stains and odors, thus extending the life of the mattress.

  • Discourages allergies

Dust mites thrive on a diet of dead skin cells, making your mattress their ideal feeding ground. Many people and their pets are allergic to dust mites. If you’ve been suffering from such symptoms as sneezing, wheezing, congestion, runny eyes or nose, or difficulty breathing, you may be affected by a dust mite allergy.

A bed protector keeps dead skin cells on the surface of the pad instead of penetrating into the mattress itself. This allows for easy removal when the protector is removed for laundering.

  • Supports the mattress warranty

Most mattresses come with a warranty; however, there are conditions you must abide by in order for said warranty to remain active. One of the most common problems that will void a warranty is mattress staining. Bed protectors keep any stains or smells on the pad and not on the mattress, thus allowing you to enjoy all of the benefits promised underneath your warranty.

How Does a Bed Protector Differ from a Mattress Pad?

Bed protectors and mattress pads are two entirely different animals. Mattress pads are typically thicker through the use of additional padding to provide extra absorbency needed to sop up any bodily fluids or spilled liquids that could affect a mattress. By comparison, bed protectors are thinner and guaranteed to be waterproof.

Mattress pads are often selected by families who find the mattress they purchased isn’t quite as comfortable as they would like it to be. The additional padding provides protection while still delivering extra comfort.

For those looking for an even more luxurious feel, you could consider purchasing a mattress topper. These toppers are generally made from foam and primarily increase the comfort of a bed. It is recommended that mattress toppers also be protected with a bed protector to ensure their longevity.

Types of bed protectors

What are the Best Protectors for Families with Pets?

If you’ve made the decision to purchase a bed protector, you will soon discover that there several varieties from which you can choose. Experts agree that the best bed protectors are constructed from high performance materials that are designed to move moisture and heat away from the body to prevent perspiration and encourage the ultimate in sleeping comfort. Though these bed protectors are considered to the Cadillac of mattress accessories, they do have a hefty price tag attached to them. They are highly recommended for people who perspire excessively as they sleep.

Another type of bed protector that earns high marks from families is Naturepedic’s organic version. Constructed from recycled materials, this bed protector provides all of the stain and odor protection you are looking for while still supporting the needs of the environment. Organic bed protectors are waterproof and available at a more cost-effective price point than their high performance fabric counterparts. However, they do not possess the same moisture wicking properties.

For families looking to spend a minimal amount of money while still enjoying the benefits of a bed protector, the SafeRest protector is an excellent option. These are available at a very inexpensive price point; however, they are thinner and less durable, meaning they have to be replaced more frequently.

Want to help keep your mattress looking and smelling like brand new? Share your bed with your pets and worry about how this may affect the life of your mattress? Consider purchasing a bed protector. This small investment can make a big impact when it comes to saving money and protecting the life of your bed! The pet friendly at Bracko Brothers sell bed protectors and can be found at www.brackohome.com



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