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Where Does Your Dog Sleep?

Susan Maphis
Dog owners have varying habits when it comes to deciding where their dogs sleep. Some have a dedicated bed set aside for their dog, and they only sleep there. Some...

Cool Dog Accent Pillows

Susan Maphis
Are you looking for a way to spend your Christmas cash and add some color and style to your dog-friendly home? Why not check out these cool dog accent pillows?...

Decorating a Dog Lover’s Home

Jason Homan
Decorating a dog lover’s home is a designer’s dream come true. Families who own dogs face different challenges which must be taken into account when putting together a living space...

Dog Patterned Bedding

Jason Homan
Decorating your home can be such fun! Is there anything more gratifying than taking a blank space and making it yours by stamping it with your own unique style? Today’s...