Getting A Puppy Is Like Raising a Baby

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There are a lot of people out there that claim being a “parent” to a dog is not the same as being a parent to a child, but there are studies and research that has shown getting a puppy is just like raising a baby. In fact, dog trainers often warn that people need to be aware of how much training and hard work goes into raising a puppy. With a baby you will encounter restless nights, constant crying for food and attention, teething problems and needing to potty train them, all of which can be attributed to having a puppy as well. Getting a dog is a huge commitment and people need to be aware of what it entails, so here are some of the ways that raising a puppy is just like raising a baby.

Sleeping in the day and awake at all hours of the night

Puppies are still in their growing phase and will often expel a lot of energy just walking around, so it is no surprise that they will sleep for the majority of the day. However, when they aren’t curled into a cute little bundle, they can cause mayhem when they are awake and make a lot of mess if they aren’t being watched. As soon as you take your eyes off them they are chewing something that isn’t their toy and making you chase after them. You will often find that they will sleep during the day and come alive at night time, which will result in loud cries for attention that will leave you feeling sleep deprived.

With a baby you have to make out what they want by the cries that they make, and parents soon learn what different ones mean. There is a distinct one that means their diaper needs changing and another that means they are hungry, and the same can be said for puppies. One minute your puppy will want to go outside, then they want to come back in, then they want to play and eat, and it can become quite tiring for the owner.

Toilet training and teething

When deciding to get a puppy, make sure that you aren’t attached to your carpet or flooring because it is guaranteed that they will go to the toilet inside. Like with a baby, puppies have to be trained to go to the toilet outside. That means teaching them it is bad to go inside and when you see them squatting down you must rush them outside. Soon they will realize that if they want to go to the toilet they will have to bark or cry at the back door to let you know. Until they have learnt this, make sure to check behind furniture for any droppings that your puppy has tried to hide from you. They can be sneaky like that.

Like with babies, puppies go through a teething phase. This can often be helped with chew toys, but even when offered these they will still try and chew anything left in the open. Make sure to hide your favorite pairs of shoes and any exposed wires that could hurt them if chewed. Puppies can be playful, but during the teething phase they will often see your hands as something extra that they can grab hold of. With any luck the phase will pass quickly, but it is clear to see why they are so similar to babies in this respect.

They will be spoilt and never leave you alone

Most people will want to spoil their babies with new outfits and toys, and the same can be said for puppies. As they are the pride and joy in people’s lives, they will want to treat them to fur lined beds and buy them a new toy whenever they have been good and refrained from chewing the house apart. Owners take pleasure in the joy on a puppy’s face when they are enjoying themselves, so it only makes sense that they would want to spoil them. However, this comes at a price.

The more attention you put on your puppy, the stronger the bond will be, and you will soon find that they won’t want to leave you alone. They will become your shadow, following you from room to room and crying outside the bathroom door when you close it on them. It is good to incorporate boundaries and get them used to being on their own, so they don’t develop separation anxiety. As well as this, you won’t be trying to wrestle the toilet roll or towels out of their mouths while trying to remain seated.

While people will worry about if they have given their puppy enough food or if they need to go to the toilet again, as well as making sure they aren’t up to mischief, most will admit that the puppy months are some of the best. It is when they are the sweetest and able to curl up in your lap for an afternoon nap, giving the fluffiest cuddles imaginable.

Something to remember is that puppies will grow up much faster than a baby will, and by the time their first birthday roles around you will realize they are no longer small and innocent. Enjoy this stage with them and look forward to the terrible twos, because just like babies, puppies have them as well. One of the biggest similarities between babies and puppies is that life is never dull with them around, so enjoy the ride!



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