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Shopping for dog toys can be lots of fun for both you and your best canine pal. But the thrill wears off when you get your treasures home only to discover that Fido has chomped his way through $50 worth of dog toys in no time flat! Pet product manufacturers know that families with dogs like to spend money on them. Since most dogs do love chew toys, it’s a pretty safe assumption that they are going to be an excellent seller. It takes very little time to discover that certain brands of toys stand the test of time with owners purchasing things from those companies time and time again. This leads to the question…what are the most popular chew toys today?

Top Things to Look For in a Chew Toy

When you are looking for chew toys for your dog, there are many factors to keep under consideration. Since each dog is unique, the challenges toys must be able to withstand in your household may be entirely different from the toy abuse that goes on down the road at Fifi’s house.

Here is a general list of things to bear in mind when shopping for new toys for your dog:

Small toys are fine for puppies, but the toys you choose must be appropriate to the size of your dog. Large dogs can easily swallow small toys, leading to possible choking, gastrointestinal distress, or even a serious obstruction requiring surgery.

Made for dog use
Though children’s stuffies look quite similar to dog toys on the surface, they are not built to stand up to the beating they will take from your dog’s jaws. But more than that, toys intended for kid use are often filled with materials that may be toxic and/or hazardous to your dog if swallowed. To be on the safe side, allow your dog to play with toys designed specifically for dog use only.

Some toys just aren’t built to last. If you know your dog is a strong chewer, you will want to be certain that the toys you select for him are up to the task. Dogs love to chew parts and pieces that fall of their toys and will often swallow them if given the chance. Many companies offer toys built with tough chewers in mind.

Free from easily shredded or consumed materials
Toys which contain items such as ribbons, strings, or other materials that can easily be torn off and consumed are best avoided.

Easy to clean
If your dog is like most, his toys are the recipients of a lot of drool, and they most likely also get dragged all over, picking up all kinds of debris and dirt. To keep Fido healthy and in tip top form, you’re going to need to wash his toys periodically. With this in mind, you’ll want to select toys that can go into your dishwasher or your washing machine without breaking down or disintegrating.

Here Is a List of Some the Leading Companies Manufacturing Quality Dog Chew Toys:

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Founded by Joe Markham, the proud owner of a member of the K-9 Police unit, the company Kong was borne out of a desire to create toys which could withstand damage from even the most destructive chewer. Fritz, Joe’s beloved pooch, had a penchant for chewing items that were wreaking havoc with his teeth such as rocks, bricks, and other hard items. With the help of his best canine pal, Joe was able to develop a line of dog toys constructed out of rubber, making them friendly to canine chompers and virtually indestructible. Best of all, many of them can be stuffed with delicious edible items such as liverwurst, peanut butter, and more, making them the ideal toy to keep Fido happily occupied for hours on end.

Kong’s most popular toy is known as the Kong Wobbler. Its unique design makes it fun to play with as your pooch endeavors to work out how to get the toy to dispense the treats hidden inside of it. Your dog gets to use his lips and jaws and his brain, ensuring an excellent full body workout!


Nylabone has been providing families with high quality chew toys for dogs since 1955. This company has earned an excellent reputation as a leader in the dog toy market and is even recommended by leading veterinarians. Nylabone not only produces toys suitable for heavy chewers but also edible chewables and even dental treats, providing a well-rounded approach to pet play and wellness.

Nylabone offers chew toys to suit the “chewing style” of every dog, whether they are puppies, geriatrics, or fall somewhere inbetween. One of the most popular Nylabone products is the Nylabone Strong Chew Real Wood Stick. This toy is constructed out of actual wood which has been enhanced by nylon to increase overall durability. The nylon also helps to preserve the stick against mold or splintering bark, ensuring your dog remains safe. Fido will have a hard time resisting this delightful toy as it is flavored with maple and bacon; two tastes that drive most dogs wild! This toy provides not only hours of fun but is also a great way to help keep your dog’s pearly whites super clean.

Outward Hound

Outward Hound is a company which offers the high quality products of five great companies under the auspices the Outward Hound umbrella. Originally founded with a focus primarily on clothing and gear for people and their pooches, Outward Hound has now grown to include toys, dog bowls, dog brain games, and so much more.

Durable plush toys is the market where Outward Hound really shines. Their products are designed not only with heavy chewing in mind but also with an eye to providing additional mental stimulation, giving your dog more bang for your buck. One of Outward Hound’s most popular sellers is the Hide a Squirrel. This innovative toy provides multiple toys all housed inside one. Your dog will love finding all of the squirrels buried inside the log. Each toy contains a squeaker, giving your dog hours of squeaking satisfaction.

JW Pet Company

JW Pet Company is a highly innovative business with patents in place for over 100 different proprietary products for pets of all stripes to enjoy.

The JW Cuz is a toy that dogs cannot resist! Available in many sizes, colors and designs, you will have a ball selecting a few for your pup to enjoy. Constructed out rubber, the JW Cuz is extremely durable and bounces to incredible heights, making it grand fun for your best canine pal to chase.

Go Dog

Dogs all around the world love Go Dog Toys! Go Dog toys are all manufactured with their trademarked Chew Guard Technology, ensuring Go Dog Toys are built to last.

Dogs go nuts for Go Dog FurBallz. Available in different colors and sizes, these colorful balls contain a squeaker which resists even the most persistent canine teeth. Your dog will love Go Dog Furballz so much that you’ll want to buy him one in every color!

There are lots of great dog chew toys to choose from on the market today. To get the most bang for your buck, consider buying a toy from one of these top rated companies today. Fido will thank you for it!



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