Pet Friendly House

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Jason and his wife Debbie breed award-winning Parson Russell Terriers under the kennel name Bristol Abbey. They share their home with Branson, Bridget, Gigi, and Ollie, their foundation breeding dogs, and Vixen and Jackson, their two rescues.

Pet Safety in the Bedroom

Jason Homan
Many owners like to share their bedroom with their fave furry friends. Whether your pooch has a bed fit for his own master suite or lounges alongside you in yours,...

How to Get Urine Out of a Mattress

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Trying to remove blood, urine, or other stains from your mattress can be a real chore. Thankfully, in most cases, it can be done. However, different stains require different treatments...

Why Does My Dog Smell So Bad?

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If your dog has developed a rather unpleasant stench, you’ll need to get to the bottom of the problem to eliminate the odor for good. Since dog fur easily absorbs...

Popular Double Coated Dog Breeds

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Many families are smitten with double coated breeds. But when summertime comes, they often wonder if their dogs are sweltering in the peak heat of the season. Experts agree that...