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The World’s Largest Dog Breeds

Picture of a Great Dane

If you love big dogs, your love this list of the largest dog breeds on the planet. Though the Great Dane might be the largest, there are several other breeds close behind.

1Great Dane

Picture of 2 Great Danes in the forest


Picture of a Mastiff

3Neapolitan Mastiff

Picture of a Neapolitan Mastiff on the grass


Picture of a Bullmastiff sitting on leaves

5Saint Bernard

Picture of 2 Saint Bernards


Picture of a Newfoundland dog in the fall

7Cane Corso

Picture of a Cane Corso in the forest

8Dogue de Bordeaux

Picture of a Dogue de Bordeaux near the ocean

9Great Pyrenees

Picture of a Geat Pyrenees

10Bernese Mountain Dog

Picture of a Bernese Mountain Dog running

11Tibetan Mastiffs

Picture of a Tibetan Mastiff

12Black Russian Terrier

Picture of a Black Russian Terrier playing


Picture of a Leonberger near water

14Irish Wolfhound

Picture of a Irish Wolfhound near a lake

15Scottish Deerhound

Picture of a Scottish Deerhound in a field

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