Is it Weird to Add Your Pet’s Name to Birthday and Christmas Cards?

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We love our pets; there is no doubt about it. But sometimes we do things that cause us to pause for a moment to scratch our own heads and wonder if we’ve “crossed the line” with our latest pet-motivated action. One of the things many people wonder about is whether or not they should sign their pet’s name to Birthday and Christmas cards. After all, Fido and Fifi are most definitely members of the family. If you include the name of your husband and kids who most certainly didn’t help with picking the gift out, why shouldn’t you include your dog or cat’s name as well? Still, there are others who find the whole adding pet names to cards phenomenon just a little odd. If you decide to include your pooch or kitty’s name on Birthday and Christmas cards, are you weird?

Things to Consider

Just like beauty, weirdness is in the eye of the beholder. Is it weird to add your dog or cat’s name to greeting cards? There are several factors to consider when asking yourself this question.

Here are some thoughts to ponder:


What you have done in the past should shape how you proceed in the future. Unless you have just purchased a puppy or a kitten, you’ve had to sign cards before. Did you include your pet’s name on greeting cards in the past, or is this something new you are considering? If you have always signed Fido and Fifi’s names alongside your own, you may cause friends and family members who are used to seeing pet names on cards to wonder if something has happened to your fave feline or canine family member. This is where consistency dictates that you might as well keep on keeping on. If you haven’t done it the past and you’re not sure you should; err on the side of caution. But if signing your dog or cat’ s name to greeting cards has always been a manner of course, might as well continue along that path as to change now might cause concern for your family and friends.

Do some of them think you are weird? Probably. But there are also many people who receive your thoughtful cards who are also pet owners, and they get it! They too feel that pets are family and want to include their names alongside their own in wishing the people in their lives the happiest of birthdays and merriest of Christmases.

Your audience

With all correspondence, it is always wise to consider your audience. If you are sending a business letter or a card to a colleague or associate, it is best to leave your pet’s name off the item. Why is that? Business correspondence is just that…business. It needs to remain professional. Care must be taken to not bring personal details into relationships that should maintain some distance for the sake of the collaboration. And…if you add your dog or cat’s name to business correspondence, the answer is a resounding yes; you will get a reputation for being eccentric at best and a real weirdsmobile at worst!

However, consideration must also be given to personal correspondence. There are some people you will send Birthday and Christmas cards to who are more like acquaintances while others are close friends. Even amongst close friends and family members, you will have some who are animal lovers and others who are not. If you have anyone on your card list who really doesn’t like animals or with whom you are not close, it is best to restrict signatures to only the relevant people involved. Those who are simply acquaintances may not even know that you have animals and might be confused by the addition of the name Butch, Gringo, Stinkbutt, or Princess at the bottom of their card. They may think you and your family need to receive a book of children’s names for Christmas because clearly you aren’t aware there are better options!

However, for those who truly know and love you and for those dog and cat lovers on your list, why not add Fido or Fifi’s name alongside your own to wish your favorite people a little added holiday or birthday cheer? For the pet lover or family member or friend who knows you well, they might just be disappointed if you didn’t include the names of your fave furry companions in wishing them a Happy Birthday or Merry Christmas too! These are the people with whom you can share your heart and truest self. Will they think you are weird? Maybe…but they will love you, regardless.

Your perspective

What it ultimately comes down to when asking the question “Is it weird to sign your dog or cat’s name to a Birthday or Christmas card?” is this…how do you feel about it?  The truth is that some will think you are strange if you do it, and others will think nothing of it, or even take great delight in it, if you do! You will not be able to please everyone, so the important thing is to do what you feel is right. Obviously, bear in mind appropriate etiquette for correspondence that pertains to business matters and those who are not acquainted with the more intimate details of your private life where it would be odd at the least to include pet names in closing greetings. But if it makes you happy to have all of your family members’ names signed neatly at the end of a Birthday or Christmas card to a cherished family member or friend, there is no harm in doing it!

Will People Think You Are Weird If You Sign Your Dog or Cat’s Name to a Greeting Card?

The answer is maybe. Does it make you weird? That’s a question only you can answer. Since a signature on a Birthday or Christmas card causes no harm, we say if it feels good, do it!



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