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The Fear of Thunder and Dogs

It is not uncommon for dogs to be frightened of thunder, firecrackers or other loud sounds. These types of fears may develop even though your dog has had no traumatic...

Dog Bite Statistics

A survey by the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta (“CDC”) concluded that dogs bite nearly 2% of the U.S. population — more than 4.7 million people...

Alternative Solutions for Fleas

I don’t think there is an area in a dog’s life that takes so much attention as flea control. These tough, little, relentless survivors called fleas will actually even eat...

Plants Poisonous to Dogs & Cats

This list of plants are Poisonous to Dogs and Cats Should your dog or cat eat one of these plants and have a reaction; take your pet and a sample...

My Old Dog Is Getting Warts

As dogs age, a variety of conditions develop. Their gait slows down, their eyes may cloud over, their hearing becomes less and less acute, and lumps begin to develop. The...

Living with a Blind Dog

Is your dog bumping into the things they would normally avoid? Do they seem lost or unwilling to move even in their own house at times if the lights are...