Pet Friendly House

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Jason and his wife Debbie breed award-winning Parson Russell Terriers under the kennel name Bristol Abbey. They share their home with Branson, Bridget, Gigi, and Ollie, their foundation breeding dogs, and Vixen and Jackson, their two rescues.

Things we Say to Dogs

Jason Homan
Dogs. Faithful and true, mans best friend and companion to the end. We treat them like family, and so they are. Have you ever had a conversation with your furry friend?...

Ollie – Pet Friendly House

Jason Homan
This is our dog Ollie, the furry member of the Pet Friendly House team. We  adopted this Golden Retriever, Collie mix… when he was 4 months old. After we brought...

Removing the Smell of Cat Urine

Jason Homan
One of the most formidable smells is that of cat urine. Cat urine contains five different strains of bacteria; two are associated with the cat’s specific marking scent, with the...