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Picture of an old cat

Arthritis in Cats – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Arthritis is a disease that commonly affects geriatric cats, although some of its symptoms can show up in younger animals that might have congenital disabilities. Unfortunately, until recent times, osteoarthritis in cats remained something that was either ignored or less diagnosed and treated. This is in part due to the fact that cats tend to

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Picture of a sleeping cat

Lethargy in Cats – Causes, Treatment and Recovery

It can be quite difficult to tell whether your feline companion is lethargic or if she’s sleeping a little more than usual. If you are out of the house for 10 or more hours a day, you might not be aware of your cat’s sleeping habits, so you might accidentally think that something is wrong

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Picture of a Yorkshire Terrier

Collapsed Trachea in Dogs – Clinical Signs & Treatment

The trachea (also known as the windpipe) is an essential tube that connects the lungs to the rest of the upper respiratory tract, meaning the larynx, the pharynx, and the mouth and the nose cavity. The trachea is composed of rings, and if they modify their shape or lose their strength, the dog is not

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Diabetes in Cats

It is estimated that up to 1% of all cats suffer from diabetes. As you probably know, this is a disease that affects people and animals alike. In diabetes, a cat’s pancreas either doesn’t produce a sufficient amount of insulin or the animal’s body is incapable of synthesizing the hormone. In today’s article, we’re looking

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Picture of a charles king spaniel

Shortness of Breath in Dogs

Dyspnea (difficult breathing) can show up in our canine friends for a plethora of reasons. It is most commonly associated with respiratory problems, but it can also appear if the dog’s cardiovascular health is affected, for example. In today’s article, we’re looking at several possible causes of shortness of breath in dogs, how it can

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Picture of a cat

Liver Failure in Cats

Liver failure can affect animals and humans alike, and it usually shows up in two forms — chronic and acute liver failure. In both cases, the cat loses up to 70% of the functionality of the organ. Hepatic necrosis is most commonly at the root of the disease, and in cats, acute liver failure is

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picture of a cat on a black background

10 Reasons Why Cats Make Better Pets Than Dogs

If you’ve never been a pet guardian, you might have a hard time telling what the right pet for you might be. Should you choose a cat or a dog?  In today’s article, we’re looking at several reasons why cats are sometimes better than dogs, but do consider that everyone is different and that a

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Picture of a boston terrier

How to Tell if Your Dog Is Pregnant

If you are the happy and proud owner of a female dog and you’ve noticed that she seems to be a little lazier and tends to eat more than usual, you might be wondering what’s happening. Sure, these two can be signs of a medical condition, but they can also be early signs that your

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Picture of a dog drooling

Excessive Drooling in Dogs

All dogs drool to one extent or the other, but sometimes, the quantity of drool can be downright worrying. Should you take your canine friend to the vet or wait and see what’s happening?  In this article, we’re looking at what breeds are more prone to drool a lot, the pathological causes of excessive drooling,

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Picture of 3 dogs

Can Dogs Get STDs?

Sexually transmitted diseases affect humans and animals alike, and dogs are no exception to the rule. But how can you know if your canine pooch suffers from an STD? What are the most common STDs that dogs can get? We’re answering these questions and more in today’s article. What sexually transmitted diseases can dogs get?

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Picture of a dog with a headache

Can Dogs Get a Headache

The short answer to this question is yes. Just like people and many other animals, our canine friends can suffer from the occasional headache, and it can be very frustrating for them. While headaches might be more challenging to diagnose, especially since animals don’t have the ability to tell vets what’s wrong with them or

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Picture of a woman and her dog

My Dog Ate a Tampon – What Should I Do?

It can be a horrifying experience, but many dog parents might have it at one point or the other. Tampons, pads, and a variety of other such personal items can appeal to our canine friends, especially after having been used. That’s because they contain pheromones, and the blood can seem appealing to a partial carnivore

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Picture of a dog chewing gum

What to Do if Your Dog Eats Gum

If your dog was curious enough to go into your purse and eat a piece of gum, you’re probably wondering whether you should be worried and go to the vet right away or if you can wait for a little more time before being concerned. That is precisely the topic of today’s article. In it,

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Picture of a stressed cat

Is Your Cat Stressed? Causes, Signs, and Treatment

Stress can have a severe negative impact on cats’ health, and it can also affect their behaviour. Although they might seem perfectly independent and self-sufficient, our feline friends can suffer from stress and anxiety just as much as we can. In today’s article, we are looking at the causes of stress in cats, how you

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Picture of 2 kittens

The Birth of Kittens

The birth of kittens can be an exciting experience for the queen herself and for the cat guardians. But as is the case with any other type of pregnancy in animals and humans alike, sometimes things can go wrong. In this article, we will look at the stages of birth, labour, and any complications that

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