Pet Products of the Future

Picture of child and dog

Upcoming Pet Products

Are you looking for pet products that are ahead of the curve? You’ll find them here. Each and every day manufacturers are coming up with great products that make life better for you and for your pets. From tracking technologies able to find a lost pet in seconds to self-cleaning litterboxes, the pet product field is full of innovation.

Some of the new products we’re watching include toys made with natural fibers, natural flea and tick repellents, holistic grooming products, and an amazing array of new cat litters made from more earth-friendly materials. Cleverpet’s smart toy is a gaming console for dogs. It can keep your pet entertained using a variety of programmed puzzles and help from you with smartphone controls. With PetChatz a treat-dispensing two-way camera lets you enjoy time with your pet even when you can’t be home. LED monitors, automatic drinking fountains, lots of interactive smart toys – these are just of few of the pet products you’ll want to check out on these pages.