Author: Mary Anne Staples

Picture of of a old boxer dog

What is the Purpose of Dog Whiskers?

What is the purpose of your dog’s whiskers?  That is, of course, besides making your face tickle when she gives you those sloppy kisses? These “whiskers”, officially called “vibrissae” (from the Latin word “vibrio” meaning “to vibrate”) are a vital part of a dog’s communication with her environment. According to Dr. Stanley Coren, 40% of

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Picture of bride and groom with their dog

Including Your Dog in Your Wedding

So, the big day is almost here.  The months of planning and decision-making are coming to a close, and the “perfect” event is literally hours away.  Recheck your list.  Have you booked the church and the reception hall?  Or are you having an outdoor wedding and reception – where?  Did Uncle Bob and Aunt Miriam

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Picture of a Labrador Retriever puppy

How to stop my Dog from Barking at the Front Door

Here’s a scenario.  You are quietly watching television, with Fido sleeping at your feet beside the sofa.  Suddenly he jumps up, gives a howl, and charges across the room to the front door, where he dances back and forth and continues the mournful howl, with loud sharp barks interjected.  Then the doorbell rings. First of

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