Pet Safety – Hazards around the House

Our homes are our safe havens; we relish every minute we get to spend enjoying them. But at the same time, our houses are filled with things that can potentially be hazardous to us and to our beloved pets.

The importance of home safety measures cannot be overstated. Carbon monoxide is but one concern for homeowners. It is deadly both for you and for your pets.  Ensuring that carbon monoxide detectors are installed throughout key areas of your home are necessary precautions that could save the lives of your family.

But carbon monoxide is only one safety issue facing homeowners. Statistics show that fires claim the lives of 8 people per week.  Of these fatalities, 73 percent of them are the direct result of fires originating within the home. With the statistics so staggeringly high, it is critical for optimum home safety that properly functioning smoke detectors be installed in critical points throughout every household.

Electrical issues can be the source of numerous dangerous scenarios. Sometimes hazards are induced by our beloved pets and their curiosity. Chewing cords can cause electrocution resulting in the untimely death of a cherished furry companion.  Exposed wires from these chewed cords could also be responsible for electrical fires. But beyond this, if your home is equipped with an aquarium, there are additional safety issues to consider. Because maintaining a proper aquarium requires a number of products that need electricity, the potential for overloaded electrical sockets is high. Also concerning is the need for proper measures to be taken regarding the use of electricity and items requiring electricity around water.

Chemicals can also present a problem. While we need cleaners and home maintenance products to keep our homes fresh and sparkling, many of these items contain materials that are harmful to our pets if ingested. Safe storage of all potentially hazardous chemicals is essential to prevent horrendous home accidents.

With a little further education and a little bit of forethought, it is possible to equip your home with the necessary tools to keep your family and your pets safe.  It has been said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Nowhere is this more true than in the case of home safety.