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The Words Most Expensive Dog Breeds | Expect to Spend Thousands

Picture of a Samoyed

Though many would agree that the love of a dog is priceless, the reality is some purebred dogs are more expensive than others. Here is a list of the most expensive dog breeds around the world.

Picture of a Samoyed during Autumn

1Samoyed – $6,000+

Picture of a LÖWCHEN in a park

2LÖWCHEN – $5,000+

3English Bulldog –  $2,500+

Picture of a Tibetan Mastiff

4Tibetan Mastiff – $5000+

Picture of a Chow Chow

5Chow Chow – $3,500+

Picture of a Rottweiler

6Rottweiler | $3,000+

Picture of a Pharaoh Hound

7Pharaoh Hound | $4,000+

Picture of a Azawakh on the beach

8Azawakh | $3,000+

Picture of an Akita at the lake

9Akita | $3,000+

Picture of a Saluki

10Saluki| $2,500+

Picture of a Black Russian Terrier

11Black Russian Terrier | $3,000+

Picture of a Irish Wolfhound

12Irish Wolfhound | $2,000+

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