Wolf Names – Naming a Dog After His Ancestors

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Ask some dog lovers and they will tell you that their dog has the soul of a wolf. What does that mean? Maybe their dog is brave, fierce, savage, the protector of his pack. Maybe he’s a loner. Maybe he’s proud or a cunning leader.

Or perhaps you have a dog that resembles a wolf. Many of our modern breeds still have a wolf-like appearance such as the Siberian Husky, the Alaskan Malamute, the German Shepherd, and some mixed breeds. Individuals of these breeds and mixes can be dead ringers for a wolf at times.

Are you drawn to the spirit of the wolf? Does it call to you like the call of the wild? If you have a dog that shares these feelings, why not give your dog a name to honor this connection?

There are many beautiful and appropriate names to honor the wolf, for both males and females. Here are some names that we liked.

Native American Names for Wolves

Native Americans have had a unique relationship with wolves. They offer many beautiful names for the wolf.

Hemene Nez Perce Wolf
Tikaani Inuit Wolf
Kiyaya Yakima Howling Wolf
Amarog Inuit Wolf
Honi Arapaho Wolf
Honiahaka Cheyenne Little Wolf
Maikoh Navajo Wolf
Maiyun Cheyenne Wolf
Maheegan Algonquin Wolf
Waya Cherokee Wolf
Tëme Lenape Wolf

Native American Names Meaning Chief, Boss, or Leader

Desna Inuit Boss
Akiak Inuit Brave
Micco Seminole Chief
Alii Hawaiian Chief
Kahuna Hawaiian Held in High Esteem
Hiamovi Cheyenne High Chief
Awan Algonquin Somebody
Yuma Navajo Son of the Chief
Bidziil Navajo He Who is Strong

The Word “Wolf” in Different Languages

The wolf has been widespread throughout the world. Even today, it’s believed that all of the places listed below still have at least a small wolf population. Using the word for “wolf” in one of these native languages would provide a unique name for your dog with a wolf spirit. (This information comes from Wolf Song of Alaska https://www.wolfsongalaska.org/chorus/about which has some fascinating information about wolves.)

Language                                           Word for “Wolf”

Ahtna tikaani
Albanian ujk / vjuk
Algonquin mahigan
Apache ba’cho, ba’uchaahi, ma’cho
Arabic dib
Armenian gayl
Asturiano llobu, lloba
Athabascan teekon
Bulgarian walk
Catalonian (Spain) Llop
Central India nekra, bighana, hurar
Chechen bworz
Cherokee wahy’a
Chemehuevi tivaci
Cheyenne ho’nene; maiyun
Chinese yitiao lang
Chinook lelou, leloo
Chipewyan segolia, nuniye
Choctaw nashoba
Cree Mahigan
Croation vuk
Czech vlk
Danish ulv
Dogrip nodi
Dutch Wolf
English Gray Wolf
Estonian Hunt
Farsi gorg
French loup
Finnish susi
German wulf
Georgian mgeli
Gitano (Gypsy) orú
Greek liekos/ lyk
Greenland-Inuit amarog
Havasupai hatagwila
Hawaiian ‘ilio hae
Hebrew Ze’ev
Hindi hundar bheriya
Hopi kweeuu
Hualapai/Walapai hatkwil
Hungarian farkas
Inuktitut singarti
Inupiat amaguk
Italian lupo
Iranian Gorg
Japanese ookami
Kanarese thola, vraka
Kiliwa mlti’ tay / mlti’ pelas msaap
Kiowa uy kuy
Korean iri / neuk dae
Lakota shunkaha
Lakota tanka suuk manitu
Latin lupus
Latvian vilks
Lenape mohegan, te-me
Lithuanian vilkas
Malayalam chennaya
Malaysia (Bahasa Melayu / Malay) serigala
Marathi landga
Maricopa xatkuly
Mohave; hatekulye
Mohawk mahiingan
Mongolian tchono
Montenigrin volk
Navajo ma’iitsoh
Nepali Bvaso
Nootka lokwa’
Norwegian ulv/ ulven
Nahuatl cuetlachtli / nexcoyotl
Ojibwe Maengun
Otomí gamiñ’o
Pashtu scheermach, leeva
Pawnee skiri’ ki
Polish wilk
Portuguese lobo
Purhépecha (Tarasco) jiuatsï
Quechua atuc / intutu / lubu
Romanian lup
Russian volk/ wolk
Seminole o-ba-ho-she
Seneka kyiyu
Serb vuk
Shawnee m-weowa
Shoshone beya ish
Sioux tala
Slovakian vlk (obyca iny)
Slovenian volk
South Slavey digah
Swedish ulv / varg
Spanish lobo
Tarahumara naríbochi / naríwari
Tamil onai
Telegu Thodelu
Tibetan bhangi
Turkish kurt (modern) or böri (ancient/traditional)
Urdu bheria
Ute sinapu
Welsh blaidd
Yaqui kwewu
Zapoteco Cajono bez beco’


Famous Wolves

It’s little surprise that creatures as beautiful, powerful, and intelligent as the wolf have been incorporated into human myths, folk tales, movies, and literature. Here are some famous wolves. You may know some of them. Others might come from novels or films that you don’t know.



Aragh/Aargh, a medieval English wolf


Baree, wise leader of the wolf pack in The Jungle Book

Beja, Mathias, tierney, and Murdock, magical wolves

Bigby Wolf

Brokefang and Frostfur, leaders of the wolf pack

Brynach and Briavel






Garmr (different sources call Garmr either a wolf or a dog)

Geri and Freki

Grendel, from Beowulf



Hati Hróðvitnisson

Huttser and Palla




Lupa, the she-wolf that nursed Romulus and Remus












White Fang

White Wolf

Names That Mean “Wolf”

As any parent knows, books with baby names are full of fun, interesting meanings for names. Here are some names that have wolf meanings. (We actually came up with over 200 of these baby/wolf names if you would like to see more: https://www.momjunction.com/baby-names/meaning-wolf/.)

Accalia – She-wolf (Latin)

Adalwolf – Noble wolf (German)

Adalwolfa/Adolpha – Noble she-wolf (German)

Adolfo – Noble wolf (Latin)

Adolph/Adoff – Noble wolf (German)

Amaruq – Grey wolf (Inuit)

Amoux – Eagle wolf (French)

Arnou – Eagle wolf (French)

Bardawulf – Ax wolf (English)

Beowulf – Intelligent wolf (English)

Boris – Wolf, short (Russian)

Channing – Young wolf (Irish)

Channon – Young wolf (English)

Conan – Hound, wolf (Irish)

Connery – Wolf farmer (Celtic)

Connor – Wolf lover (Irish)

Eyolf – Lucky wolf (Norwegian)

Gonzalo – Wolf (Spanish)

Gorg – Wolf (Iranian)

Gunnolf – Fighting wolf (Norwegian)

Lelou / Leloo – Wolf (Chinook)

Lobo – Wolf (Spanish/Portuguese)

Lowell – Wolf cub / little wolf (Old French)

Lupo – Wolf (Italian)

Lupus – Wolf (Latin)

Nashoba – Wolf (Choctaw)

Odolf – Prosperous wolf (German)

Onai – Wolf (Tamil)

Ookami – Wolf (Japanese)

Rafe – Council of the wolf (German)

Raff – Red wolf (English)

Ralph – Wolf counsel, fearless advisor (English)

Rand/Randall – Shield wolf (Anglo-Saxon)

Randolph – House wolf, protector (English)

Raoul – Wolf council; red wolf (English)

Rodolfo – Famous wolf (Spanish)

Rolf – Red wolf (Teutonic)

Rolo – Famous wolf (Teutonic)

Rudolph – Famous wolf (Old German)

Skoll – Wolf that chased the sun (Norse)

Tamaska – Mighty wolf (Native American)

Ulmer – Fame of the wolf (English)

Ulfred – Wolf of peace (Old English)

Ulmer – Fame of the wolf (Norse)

Ulrich – Female wolf (English)

Vilkas – Wolf (Lithuanian)

Volk – Wolf (Slovenian)

Warg – Grey wolf, evil wolf (Norse)

Wilk – Wolf (Polish)

Wolfgang – Son of the wolf (German)

Wolfram – Wolf raven (Teutonic)

Wolfrik – Wolf ruler (German)

Woolsey – Victorious wolf (English)

Wulfgar – Wolf-like spear (English)

Evocative wolf names

Of course, there are many possible names for your dog that simply evoke the idea or image of the wolf without actually referring to a specific wolf. We think some of these names would make a good choice for dogs with a wolf look or personality.



























There are many beautiful, fascinating names for wolves. If your dog has qualities that make you think of a wolf, we hope you can find a name that fits him or her. Let us know if one of the names here has helped you.

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