Why You Should Get a Leather Couch if You Have or Want a Dog

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Shopping for furniture for a pet-friendly home can be a real challenge. Dogs shed, and their hair sticks to everything, meaning one of the most important criteria in a new piece of furniture is its ability to repel hair. But it’s not just hair that is problematic when it comes to dogs and furniture. Dog nails easily scratch fabrics, causing snags and tears in beautiful material and potentially leading to injuries to your dog’s paw. Then there is the question of a piece of furniture’s ability to hide dirt well and stand up to the wear and tear of a household with pets. It all adds up to one very tall order. Does such a piece of furniture exist? Leather is one material that hits all the high points when it comes to a wish list for a new couch for a pet-friendly home. A material that is both attractive and durable, leather couches are a popular choice for many families. But if you share your home with pets, is leather a good option for your next piece of living room furniture? Are there any reasons why you should get a leather couch if you own a dog?

The Top Reasons Why Leather is an Excellent Choice for a Home with Dogs

There are many different reasons why families should choose leather as the material for a sofa to add to their home. Though dark fabrics can hide stains and microsuede makes cleaning dog hair a breeze, none of these materials possess all of the qualities that rate highly on each dog-loving homeowner’s list of must haves in a sofa for a family with pets.


Leather is an extremely durable material. It stands up exceptionally well to regular wear and tear from pet use and abuse. Though leather can become scratched over time, it will not snag, meaning your couch and your dog’s nails remain safe and intact.

Though your leather couch will not last forever, it will remain in good condition far longer than your average sofa which is constructed from fabric, meaning spending a little more for your new piece of furniture is a wise investment as it is built to last.

Easy to clean

Let’s face it; dogs drag in all kinds of dirt into a home, and that dirt has to go somewhere. Dirt and grass from your backyard ends up in all kinds of different places, but its disbursement typically focuses on two key places: your carpets and your furniture.

Though upholstery can be spot and steam cleaned, it is a more difficult process which is not always effective. Fabrics can easily become stained, leaving the couch looking worn and blemished.

Leather is an extremely easy material to clean. If you dog leaves a trail of muddy paw prints across your brand new leather couch, not a problem! Just grab a damp cloth and wipe it down, and your couch will look good as new.

Hides dirt well

Today’s upholstery fabrics are available in a multitude of colors, patterns, and styles. Many of them are stain resistant and hide dirt well. However, leather naturally repels dirt since there are no fibers for it to become trapped in unlike its fabric counterpart.

Leather couches can be purchased in nearly any color, making it easy for families to choose a shade that keeps dirt undetectable. Best of all, you can select a hue that matches your dog’s hair color to make shedding less noticeable.

Resistant to damage

Not only does leather not show damage easily, it is also resistant to common problems such as puncture marks which can ruin the appearance of the piece of furniture. For best results, make sure to keep your dog’s nails short to put less pressure on your leather couch. Though leather is resistant to damage, it is not impermeable and can succumb to damage from nails and chewing if the proper precautionary measures are not put in place.

Does not retain hair

Most families feel like they are waging war when it comes to keeping hair off their furniture. This is yet another area where leather truly shines. Its slick surface makes it a natural hair repellent.

Tips to Keeping Your Leather Couch in Tip Top Shape

There are several things you can do to help your dogs and your couch to co-habit peacefully. One of the most important steps is to keep your dog’s nails tidy at all times. Short nails are far less likely cause punctures or tears in the leather upholstery on your couch. If you find your dog’s nails are still too sharp, you can make use of a nail file or Dremel tool to gently sand the ends of each nail to dull it.

Keeping hair at bay is helped substantially with regular brushing. Brush your dog every few days, more frequently if necessary. Brushing removes excess hair in a controlled manner, preventing the ready to shed hair from laying on the surface of your couch or all over your floor.

Teaching your dog a few basic obedience commands is important not only for protecting your furniture but also for assisting him with becoming a good canine citizen. Every dog should have a few basic obedience tricks up his sleeve. Taking the time to teach your dog off, sit, and lay down can help to preserve the integrity of your leather furniture. How is this possible? By asking your dog to spend time off the couch in a bed of his own, you give your furniture a break from the regular wear and tear associated with pet use.

Ready to purchase a new couch and wondering which upholstery is right for a house with dogs?

If you’ve been leaning towards leather, you’re on the right track! Leather is a durable option for families with pets. With so many colors to choose from, you can select a couch that hides dirt, repels hair, and stands up to the worst abuse your dog can dish out. Consider purchasing a leather couch today!



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