Why I Like My Dog More Than You

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So I’m just going to say the thing that I’m not supposed to say—I like my dog more than you.  You’ve probably suspected this all along.  It’s nothing personal.  You’re a great person, and I enjoy your company.  It’s just that I think my dog is the bomb, and if I’m given the choice between spending time with him or with someone else, I’m going to pick my dog every last time.

I never really expected to turn into this kind of person.  In fact, I wasn’t even that big into dogs until Fido came along.  But suddenly, that one dog changed my whole world, and I’m seeing things differently these days.

Five Reasons Why Dogs are Better than People

Whoever said that a dog is a man’s best friend was right on the money.  Every day I spend with my dog gives me one more reason to add to the list of 1,000,000 ways he makes my life better.  It’s not that people are bad; it’s more that dogs are so good!

It’s hard to explain, but I’ll try to put into words five reasons why I like my dog better than you.

  1. Dogs love you for you.

In a world where people befriend you—and unfriend you—very easily and for seemingly no apparent reason, it’s refreshing to be loved just for yourself.  You could come home covered in feces and looking like a bad stretch of road, and your dog will still be elated to see you.  In fact, the poop smell might even add to your appeal.

One of the most wonderful feelings in the world is the greeting you get when you open your door after a long day of work only to Fido in his place, doing his special “Welcome Home!” dance.  There’s nothing like it.  That exuberant welcome is reserved for you and you alone because you and Fido share a bond that no one else can claim.  In a world of disposable relationships, your dog’s love for you is a constant.  You could take it to the bank.  No matter what has happened or what will happen in the days ahead, so long as your dog is by your side, you have a guaranteed loyal friend for life.

  1. Dogs expect nothing from you.

Dogs love treats, and they are certainly not above employing mercenary ways when the occasion calls for it, but the truth is for your dog there is no greater reward than your presence.

We live in a world where people always seem to want something from us.  Friendships are formed on the basis of what you can do for someone, and when you are no longer meeting that expectation, you can be easily tossed aside.  But you are not disposable to your dog.  You are his life.  To be with you is the greatest source of joy he knows.

Think about what your dog does when you are at work each day.  Yes, he sleeps a lot.   He has a little bark when the mailman comes, and he might even engage in some selective “grooming” we’d rather not think about.  But in essence, what is he really doing?  He’s biding his time until you arrive home.  More than a dog walk, a favourite toy, or even a delicious bone, YOU are your dog’s absolute most beloved treasure, and that knowledge alone is enough to bring a smile to your face.  When you have a dog, there is no doubt that you are loved.  Everything from tail wags to enthusiastic, wet kisses tell you that you are his world.  And in truth, he becomes yours as well.

  1. Dogs have better manners than most people.

It’s hard to imagine dogs having better manners than most people.  After all, dogs like to lick themselves in the most peculiar of places, and they seem to have a penchant for jumping up on you or even random strangers.  Probably most appalling of all is their seeming fascination with rolling in disgusting things like poop or dead animals.  And yet, most dogs do have better manners than most people.

How can this be so?  A dog is always a dog.  He behaves like a dog.  If a dog doesn’t like someone, he isn’t rude about it; he simply avoids or ignores that person.  While they possess the power to bite people they don’t like, they don’t use their mouths for harm.  They exercise self-control.

Dogs also express their gratitude in a million ways.  From a fervent tail wag in response to a treat to an affectionate kiss when cuddling on the couch, dogs know how to say thank you in a language that is purely unmistakable.

  1. Dogs are always happy to see you.

Let’s face it—there are times when people are not happy to see you.  You have your days when you just aren’t feeling like the life of the party, and even you would admit that you’re not great company.  Things are different for your dog.  Good mood, bad mood, cranky mood, or even feeling sick, you are still the preferred company for your favourite canine companion.

Feeling poorly?  That’s an opportunity for some extra snuggle time to get you back on the road to recovery.  Cranky?  Maybe a trick or two will help bring a smile to your face!  Your dog seems to intuitively know what you need when you need it, and he is only too happy to deliver it.  In a world of inconsistency, your dog is a constant you can hang onto.  He is your most faithful friend, and he will always be happy to see you.

  1. Dogs keep you healthy.

If you own a dog, you need to walk him.  It’s a basic fact.  And if you’re truly honest with yourself, you will admit that you likely wouldn’t drag yourself out in sub zero temperatures for your OWN health if left to your own devices.  Fido helps keep you healthy!  Often we will do things for the good of our pets that we would not otherwise do.  It’s a win-win situation.

Taking Fido for a walk is good for both of you.  It’s a wonderful bonding opportunity and provides an occasion for training as well.  But exercise is healthy for the body, and it helps to improve mood and overall feelings of happiness.  Taking the time for activity with your beloved canine friend greatly enhances your life.  Things you would not regularly do become a normal part of the landscape with a canine friend to tag along.

You’re friendly, fun, and a loyal friend, and yes, I enjoy your company. But when it comes to unconditional love, you just can’t beat time spent with your dog.



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  1. Well, I’m commenting on the article where she says, “I like my dog better than you”. I have to agree, I trust Luna’s instincts more than my own. She is the awesomeness pity in the whole wide world. ❤.

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