Taking a Cat Nap – What Dreams About Cats Really Mean

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We all dream at night, and sometimes, if we are really fortunate, we even remember what we dreamt about when we wake up the next morning. It has been said that dreams are the mind’s way of working out things that have been troubling us. But if you’re not a cat lover, and you find yourself dreaming dreams with Frisky the Cat in a recurring starring role, you can start to wonder what your dreams about cats really mean!

The Interpretation of Dreams

The truth is that the study of dreams and what they mean is very subjective at best. There can be a plethora of different interpretations that are dependent on many different variables. One person may say your dream means this while another equally credible person says it is that. It can be very difficult to get to the bottom of things.

To muddy the water even further, dreams often feature symbols, and symbols can be interpreted different ways depending on where in your dream they appear. Even your own personal feelings can shape what a symbol may mean. All of this makes it incredibly challenging to pinpoint a simple answer as to what your particular dream about cats is trying to communicate to you.

The Significance of the Cat in Dreams

Nonetheless, cats do figure prominently in the dreams of many different people. There are many common conclusions we can draw about the significance of cats in dreams. Though we cannot definitively give an answer as to the message specifically intended for you, here is a list of the most often seen meanings behind the significance of the cat in dreams:


Intuition plays a significant role in how we live our lives. It alerts us to danger, and it often inspires us to attempt new things. But we can often easily ignore intuition or simply fail to see it because we are distracted. Intuition is evidenced in a dream via the health condition of a cat. A healthy, robust cat who is thriving in every way could very well be indicating that the path you are currently following will lead to prosperity. Conversely, an ill, dying, or even dead cat could be your mind’s way of warning you that danger lies ahead if you do not heed intuition’s call.


Felines often represent femininity in dreams. When it comes to femininity, the behavior of the cat will help you to properly interpret what your dream is telling you. Since cats like to scratch things, injuries sustained from a cat using one of your body parts as a scratching post may be an indication that something in your life has you feeling unsettled. You may even feel cornered or at risk.

Sometimes the evidence of a cat in your dream can be taken quite literally in the sense that that particular person has been engaging in a “catty” manner or has been guilty of causing you harm through gossip. Likewise fear of the cat or aggression can be expressions that there is an aspect of your femininity that you are currently not at peace with.


Dreams involving lost pets can feature prominently in the lives of pet owners. After all, it is one of every owner’s worst fears. If you find you are frequently dreaming about trying to find your runaway cat, this speaks about your independence. It may mean that you feel that your freedom is being hampered by the choices of another. Consequently, finding your lost cat is a victory claim. It signifies the restoration of your power as the author of your own fate.

Bad Luck

We are all familiar with the old myth that crossing the path of a black cat leads to bad luck. In this vein, the color of the cat in your dreams is also significant. White typically means purity and can signify love, peace, or even virginity. Black is always associated with darker things. It can be a sign of foreboding, misfortune, illness, or even death.


Who doesn’t love seeing a playful cat? It does your heart good! The presence of a cat at play in your dreams just might be your mind’s way of telling you it’s time for you to loosen up a bit and allow yourself to have a good time.

Where Should I Put the Cat’s Litter Box

If you’ve ever had a dream about an unruly cat, this may symbolize conflict in your life. Perhaps you feel that you have been at odds with a co-worker, or that a war is brewing with a neighbor, family member, or friend. Dreams of cats engaged in battle often suggest that you feel something is being taken from you unfairly.

The Differences Between Men and Women Dreaming About Cats

It is important to realize that when men and women dream of cats, they may have identical dreams, but those dreams would have entirely different meanings based upon their gender as well as their outlook and personal beliefs. It is typically believed that when cats feature prominently in women’s dreams that the cat is there to represent her own feelings of self-esteem and self-worth. It is introspective and highly representative of how a woman views her body, her emotions, her intellect, and herself as a collective whole.

For men, it is entirely different. Cats are often present in a man’s dream to display the true depth of his intent and feelings towards women. The cat’s reaction to different stimuli gives the clue to the man’s thoughts and emotions regarding women in general or a specific woman in his life.

The study of dreams is fascinating though not an exact science. Still, it’s fun to take the time to consider just what might be lurking behind the symbols in our dreams. Maybe Frisky the Cat has a message for you and with a few helpful hints from the clues in this article, you will be able to decode it for yourself. Happy dreaming, cat lovers!



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