What Do Single Women Think About Men That Own Cats?

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With the world of dating largely going online today, a lot of thought goes into creating the perfect dating profile. What are women looking for in the perfect guy? Though some may say they value a sense of humor above all else, others are looking for a guy with a kind and generous heart and some with wealth, good lucks, and charm to accompany his other attributes. But what about when it comes to pet ownership? Though we know that women are naturally drawn to men who share their homes with dogs, what about cats? What do single women think about men that own cats? 

Are Men Who Own Cats Attractive to Single Women?

Unfortunately, studies seem to indicate that when it comes to pet ownership, you’re better off buying a dog than a cat if you hope to hit it big with the opposite sex. Recent research shows that single men who share their homes with one or more cats struggle to find companionship with members of the opposite sex.

In a study conducted by Colorado State University, 1380 women viewed two different photographs containing the same gentleman. The first photo showed the man alone and the second displayed the man in the same pose but holding a tabby cat. After viewing both images, the women were asked to grade the man on qualities such as masculinity, personality, and dateability. Sadly, the man in the photo with the cat scored far lower in the masculinity and dateability categories than his non-cat holding counterpart. However, it is important to note that the cat loving man received high marks in other areas including openness, agreeability, and confidence.

Here are some of the statistics compiled from the findings of the study, conducted on a control group of 1380 women between the ages of 18 and 24:

  • The cat-free photo results

In the photos of the man without the cat, 38% of the surveyed women said they would consider dating him while 37% indicated they would entertain the possibility of a serious relationship with him. 40% of the women polled reported they were uninterested in dating this man.

  • The cat-inclusive photo results

33% of the women polled indicated they would be interested in dating this man with the same percentage of ladies saying they would consider a serious relationship with him. 45% of all respondents expressed disinterest in the man.

Does Cat Ownership by Men Influence Interest from Women on Dating Apps?

Unfortunately, it seems women are less interested in men who share their hearts and homes with a cat. Research shows that men who include images of themselves with their cat on their dating profiles are less likely to receive a swipe to the right than non-cat owners or men who own a dog. While cat ownership seems to be a definite no-no, dog ownership is viewed entirely differently. Since women seem naturally drawn to men with canine sidekicks, some men will post photos of themselves spending time with a friend’s dog to increase interest in their dating profile.

What Can Men Do to Increase Interest in Their Online Dating Profile?

There are definitely some things that you can do to increase interest in your online dating profile. Here are some top tips to help attract more attention to your profile from the opposite sex: 

  • Choose photos carefully

Experts agree that it isn’t necessary to be drop dead gorgeous to catch the eye of the right girl. When selecting images for your dating profile, choose photos that capture interest. Make sure each photo you select is clear and that your sampling of photos includes both body and head shots for maximum appeal. Research shows that outdoorsy photos receive 19% more positive attention. If you like to sport a beard, try to also include a photo showing you clean shaven as well.

Among the no-nos for dating app photos are bar shots, cars, ski goggles or sunglasses, selfies, topless pics, grins or smirks, and sadly, cats. 

  • Add a short video

A video that is approximately 30 seconds in length is a great way to allow potential dates to get a glimpse of the real you, making the ladies who view your profile to feel more at ease and get an idea of whether or not a love connection might be a possibility. For best results, avoid looking directly into the camera as many women find this intimidating. 

  • Keep your bio direct and simple

A long bio on your profile can communicate arrogance or an overt amount of self-interest to others reading it. Keep any text on your profile to the point and be careful to avoid any oversharing. Some of the best things you can include in your bio are your interests and favorite activities. Including these types of items on your profile can help get a conversation started with an interested party who chooses to swipe to the right. 

  • Keep it real

Women know that men aren’t perfect, so it’s okay to point out a few of your more endearing quirks. These can include a secret love of watching The Notebook and your closet addiction to vintage candy but should avoid topics like where you like to leave your dirty underwear, whether or not the toilet seat belongs in the up or down position, and the nickname you’ve given to the particularly noxious “science experiment” currently growing in your fridge.   

  • Make yourself approachable

Including a cute story that invites future dialogue is a great way to increase interest in your dating profile. If you include something like, “I once was mugged by a runaway shopping cart, but I only share that story with my closest friends” is a lighthearted conversation opener that may lead to further discussion and possibly make you a new friend in the process. 

  • Reach out with a question

By making the subject line of a message a partial question, you increase the likelihood of your message being opened…and answered. Since our brains are naturally hardwired to answer any questions we are asked, the odds are in your favor you’ll get a response if you try this technique. Bear in mind that some women receive from 50-100 messages from men each day, so you want to craft an email that’s a little different to help you stand out from the crowd.

  • Suggest a meeting soon after connecting

When online relationships are allowed to continue for too lengthy a period without a face-to-face interaction, expectations can become too high, potentially leading to disappointment upon your first meeting. Some experts suggest that 17 days post first message is the ideal time for an in-person meeting. 

What do single women think of men that own cats? Research seems to indicate that cat-owning men are less appealing than their dog owning or petless counterparts. Still, there are always exceptions to every rule, so if you share your home with a furry feline; not to worry. There are still ample opportunities for you and your cat to make the ideal love connection.



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