Transplants Change People’s Lives

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Transplants change people’s lives. Those who become organ donors make the choice to present an invaluable gift to someone in desperate need. Many who do not receive needed transplants pass away. Not everyone is fortunate enough to find a match in time to spare their lives. Their time is tragically cut short on this earth.

People don’t realize that transplants are not limited to things like hearts or kidneys. Some people require liver, retina, pancreas or intestine transplants. Organ donors provide people in need of transplants with the chance to live life anew. They present these people with the gift of a second chance only this time with a fully functioning body.  This immense sacrifice affords transplant recipients the opportunity to move on and accomplish their long held goals and dreams.

Picture of david in the hospitalI too have a transplant story. Without the selfless act my sister Brenda undertook for me in donating one of her kidneys, I would not have the life that I now have. My family would be without a husband and a father. My life’s work would sit untouched and stagnant. The impassioned dream of building and selling The World’s Most Pet Friendly House to raise funding for charity would never come to fruition.  All it would amount to is a bunch of paperwork and lofty ideas intended to help but without the life force needed to drive it forward.

If you need a transplant or have had one, you know the importance of organ donation. You know that without the transplant, it is futile to dream because in all likelihood you will not be around to give your dreams wings.

A transplant affords people the chance to live a long and full life. By telling your story, you provide hope and inspiration to those who need it most.  Perhaps by simply sharing your heart, you will touch someone else to become an organ donor.

The simple act of signing an organ donor card is a powerful one with life-giving opportunities. That one decision breathes life into someone who otherwise would be without hope for the future.

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