Things we Say to Dogs

Dogs. Faithful and true, mans best friend and companion to the end. We treat them like family, and so they are. Have you ever had a conversation with your furry friend? Sure you have. In her first book, Lara Magallon shares her insightful and funny commentary on her experiences with her beloved four-legged buddies which she adores. If you’re a dog lover, you will surely relate to this wonderful book.

“One morning, some time ago, I came to a realization while standing on the curb, after telling Granny (my dog) that we needed to turn around so I could get ready for work. It occurred to me that almost everybody talks to their dogs just like I do. So why not write a book about all the silly “Things We Say to Dogs?” —Lara Magallon

About the Author

Lara Magallon is an animal advocate and a former board member of the “North San Diego County Humane Society.” She holds a Masters degree in business management from University of Redlands, with a special emphasis on marketing, and a Ph.D. in Religious Studies from Emerson University. She is a Spiritual Care Volunteer at Scripps Hospital.



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  1. The book is great it’s beautiful!

    Laura has been my friend for over 20 years.

    I am very grateful to her husband for helping save my property. And tell Laura too!

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