The Top 10 Dog Breeds for Family

Picture of a family with a Golden Retriever

If after careful consideration you and your family have reached the conclusion that it’s time for a dog, now the fun can begin! Choosing the right dog breed for you can be an exciting journey. With so many different breeds to select from, it’s important to decide ahead of time what you are looking for in a dog. Every breed has its own unique requirements. With this in mind, it is always best to select a dog that fits well into your lifestyle as opposed to trying to trick yourself into thinking you will change your routine the meet the needs of your new dog. Though you may be drawn to a certain “look,” choosing a dog based on appearance alone is often a recipe for disaster. Some of the cutest dog breeds require the most maintenance when it comes to grooming, activity requirements, and the necessary mental stimulation to keep the dog content and productively engaged. An honest assessment of how much time you have to give and how much effort you are willing to expend will go a long way to helping you choose your next family pooch. If you’re on the hunt for a dog to join your family, what are the top breeds to consider?

Does the Ideal Family Dog Need to Love Children?

Not every dog breed is well-suited to life with children. Though all dogs should be socialized with kids during their critical development periods, some dogs are simply not tolerant of rough handling or silly behavior and are best in a home of adults. It is never a good idea to think that your family will be the exception to the rule or that your little angel children will never do anything to annoy or irritate your dog. With so many dog breeds to choose from that do thrive under the company of children, it is best to limit your list to those breeds to set your new dog and your family up for success.


Picture of a girl holding a Beagle

The amiable Beagle is a wonderful family companion. Known for their sweet, lovable natures, the Beagle is a dog that adores its family and is especially kind and gentle with children. Playful and full of fun, the Beagle is a delightful pooch to have around.

English Bulldog

Picture of an English Bulldog and Girl

The English Bulldog is well known for his lumbering comical ways. An extremely gentle-natured dog, the English Bulldog is cute but can be stubborn, and well…he isn’t the smartest dog breed in the box. But, the Bulldog is a breed that is easy to love. They make excellent family pets and have low exercise requirements.

Russell Terrier

Picture of a boy and his Russell Terrier at the beach

The Russell Terrier, a breed that is not be confused with the Jack Russell or the Parson Russell Terrier, is a terrier breed that loves children. This happy go lucky little fellow has a sunny, friendly personality that makes him the life of every party. The Russell Terrier bonds very closely to his people and is extremely cuddly and affectionate. Incredibly smart, the Russell will need daily mental and physical stimulation to remain a contented little dog. Left to his own devices, this pooch can get up to a lot of mischief…and you will find it impossible to be mad him since he is, after all, completely adorable.

Labrador Retriever

Picture of a Labrador Retriever and girl in a field

The Canadian developed Labrador Retriever is America’s #1 choice for a family pooch. This dog breed is characterized by his gentle, friendly nature. A Labrador never meets a stranger; everyone he comes across is a cherished, new friend. The Labrador is an easy going breed and is playful and full of adventure. Labradors are known to be very tolerant of children and enjoy their company, making them a great choice for a family with young kids.

Golden Retriever

Picture of a Golden Retriever in bed

Another popular retrieving breed known for its happy nature is the Golden Retriever. The Golden Retriever excels at learning obedience and is considered to have excellent canine manners (with some training, of course). A kind natured breed, the Golden Retriever doesn’t just like kids; he adores them. A breed of moderate activity needs, a Golden Retriever is happy to be wherever his people are doing what they are doing.

Brussels Griffon

Picture of a Brussels Griffon and a young girl

The Brussels Griffon is a lesser known breed that basks with joy in a home chock full of children. The breed is affectionate and loyal but does not always get along with other dogs outside its inner circle. The Brussels Griffon is a true “people dog” who requires lots of time with his family to truly blossom.

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Picture of a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier with man and woman

A terrier of softer temperament, the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier is gaining in popularity as a beloved family pet. The Wheaten is a confident, friendly dog who is not afraid to bark to alert his family to the presence of strangers. This dog breed is known for his independent spirit, but the Wheaten also loves to cuddle up to his favorite family members for a snuggle on the couch.


Picture of a boy and a boxer dog

The Boxer is an exuberant dog who requires lots of activity to remain mentally and physically fulfilled. Boxers can make excellent family companions assuming their activity requirements are met on a daily basis. Boxers are playful by nature and love to have fun. If you’re up for adventure, your Boxer will be only too happy to tag along!


Picture of a Poodle and a boy dressed up

A highly intelligent breed, there is lots to love about the Poodle. The Standard Poodle is the size most recommended for families. The Standard has a gentle nature and is less high strung than the Miniature or Toy Poodle can be. A dog known for its sensitive nature, you will find your Poodle will stick close by your side and enjoy pleasing you. Easy to train, you can have a lot of fun teaching your Standard Poodle all kinds of tricks. This breed excels at dog performance sports.

Irish Setter

Picture of an Irish Setter and a girl

Irish Setters have a clown-like personality that makes them good fun. Their mischievous ways will bring a smile to your face! The Irish Setter is characterized by his outgoing personality. A very friendly breed, the Irish Setter enjoys the company of people and is known to be quite good with children.

Ready to take the plunge and add a dog to your family?

Consider one of our top ten breeds. With their love of children and friendly natures, our top ten has got it all!



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