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What’s Happening at the Pet Friendly House

 As the house is designed, constructed and decorated we will have a lot reasons for people to stay tuned. As many of the concepts that come to life are unique, we believe this project is well suited for Twitter and Facebook.

From contests to wacky and over the top ideas to encouraging people to vote… no day will be boring for our members.

Chef Notable fom “NoTable” is preparing Steak Tartare for Fido tonight, check out the recipe.

We just unleashed 10 of the filthiest dogs in Calgary on a brand new home, check out what happened to the floors and furniture.

Win dog food for a year from our wonderful pet food supplier on opening day at the Pet Friendly House

Win a night in the Pet Friendly House for you and your pooch.

The house will contain a 270 gallon aquarium fill with fresh water fish from our friends at Marineland

Tell us your craziest “pet accident” story and win $500 towards a new carpet.

Vote on the paint color for “Jengo's” room. So far our pampered pooch is leaning towards a ``bone white``, but we prefer navy blue.

Check out Jengo's collection of summer clothing, plaid is out, floral is in!

Check out all the pictures of pets submitted through our Crowdfunding campaign, we have enough to wallpaper the garage

We just added artificial turf to the backyard, no pee stain on this lawn.

Wendy just added a ``For Sale`` sign on the front lawn, wonder who is going to buy the World's Most Pet Friendly House?