The Best Yard Leashes and or Stakes for Dogs

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Dogs love to be outdoors! In fact, many breeds enjoy communing with nature so much they don’t want to come inside at all. Though some dogs can be trained to stay within the confines of an unfenced yard, most dogs do have a penchant to wander. Since any dog that decides to explore on their own is at risk of becoming lost or even hit by a car, it is important to provide a secure means of keeping your dog contained on your property at all times. Yet not all properties are suitable for fencing. Sometimes,  pet owners want to take their pooches along on a vacation to an area that offers no fenced spaces for dogs to enjoy. That’s when a yard leash or stake is the ideal solution. Easily portable and inexpensive, yard leashes or stakes give Fido the opportunity to roam within a certain radius but without the freedom to make a run for it, ensuring he remains safe and out of mischief. If you find yourself in need of an inexpensive and secure way to keep your pooch on your property, what are the best yard leashes or stakes for dogs and where can you buy them?

Why Purchase a Yard Leash or Stake?

With most cities observing strict leash laws, it is more important than ever for every pet owner to be certain they can keep their pets confined to their own backyards. Unfortunately, fencing can be very expensive, making it financially untenable for some families. Other families live in apartment buildings or condominiums where installing a fence is simply not an option.

But it is not simply at home where a dog sometimes needs to be tethered for his own safety. If you plan to bring Fido along to enjoy a weekend of family camping or want to give him a little extra room to roam while visiting the park, a yard leash or stake, sometimes known as a tie-out, is the perfect solution!

Some Caveats Regarding Yard Leashes and Stakes

Though yard leashes and stakes provide your dog with a little more freedom, they should always be used under direct supervision. Dogs who are very excited will sometimes wind themselves around a post, tree, or other stationary object, leaving them unable to break free. This could potentially lead to your dog choking. Some dogs who find themselves in this predicament take matters into their own paws and gnaw through the leash, freeing themselves and allowing opportunity for them to take a little romp around the neighborhood all at the same time.

Yard leashes and stakes are designed to increase your dog’s safety. With this in mind, you should be certain to keep your dog within eye shot when he is on a tie out. Tragedy can occur in only a few minutes.  Save yourself some heartache by keeping a close eye when your pooch is tethered outside.

Another important consideration is the certainty that the yard leash you purchase is appropriate for the size and strength of your dog. Tie outs designed for small dogs lack sufficient strength to stand up to pulling and jostling from larger dogs and may snap. Some yard leashes are constructed of fabric which can fray if left out in the elements or chewed by an overzealous pooch with his eye set on heading out for an adventure. What works for one dog will not work for another, so you will need to carefully consider your dog and his needs before selecting the right yard leash for him.

What Are The Best Yard Leashes Available Today?

If you’ve determined a yard leash is the way to go, you will then be faced with many different options from which to choose. Since durability and appropriateness for your pooch’s size and strength top the list of important qualities your dog stake must have, you are already equipped with a short checklist to guide you in making the best selection.

Here is our list of the best yard leashes for dogs:

  • Aspen Pen Petmate Easy Turn Stake

Available for marginally over $12, the Aspen Pen Petmate Easy Turn Stake is the perfect solution to pets who enjoy the outdoors but need to remain safely within the boundaries of their own yard. The corkscrew offers protection against pulling when deeply rooted in the earth, keeping pulling pets securely in their place. This stake is extremely durable and strong to prevent cracks and breakage. The cable itself is constructed of galvanized steel which is coated to prevent splits or ruptures. The tie out cable is 20 feet in length and attaches to the stake, allowing your dog the opportunity to roam in a 360 degree radius without becoming tangled in the cord.  This cable has been tested and verified to easily withstand pulling from dogs of up to 100 lbs in weight.

  • Intellileash Intelli-Stayk Dog Tieout

The Intellileash Intelli-Stayk Dog Tieout is one of the most popular dog stakes on the market today. Sold without the accompanying cable for approximately $11.99, this tieout is created with trademarked surface lock technology to prevent movement which would cause ordinary stakes to become loose. The raised platform design prevents cord tangling and its solid chrome-plated steel construction guards against breakage common to other brands.

The Intellileash Intelli-Stayk Dog Tieout is small enough be portable, making it the ideal tool to bring along on weekend vacations, camping trips, or visits to the park.

  • BV Pet 60 Feet Aerial Trolley

Slightly more expensive at $19.99, the BV Pet 60 Feet Aerial Trolley is a great solution for dogs who love to roam and need a little more surface area to work off some energy while on a tether. The trolley system maximizes space by providing dogs with up to 1200 square feet of room for them to enjoy. The trolley is comprised of two extremely strong cables which are protected by a vinyl covering to prevent breakage or damage to them during bouts of inclement weather. This product is for use with dogs weighing up to 125 lbs.

  • EXPAWLORER Dog Tie Out Cable and Reflective Stake

The most costly of the dog tieout options on our list is the Expawlorer Dog Tie Out Cable and Reflective Stake which rings in at $21.99. Equipped with a swivel ring to prevent unnecessary tangling, this yard leash is the ideal solution for small to medium dogs. The cable is resistant to rust and can take even the worst damage your dog might try to inflict on it while still remaining secure and functional. It is also reflective, making it easy to spot in the dark. The stake is comprised of stainless steel and is equipped with a plastic handle to increase functionality and durability. The 30 foot cable is rated as being able to withstand pressure from dogs weighing up to 125 lbs.

Looking for the right yard leash or stake to keep your pooch safely contained? Consider one of our recommended products today!



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